Hey there, I am Kim Beckers, and I am known as the 'Rock Your Limits™' Mentor. I am on a mission to once and for all free myself and others from the fears that are holding them hostage. To help them take the facade down and break down the lies of self perception, that keeps them living a lie because when you live a lie, you can’t have ultimate sustainable success.

Once you unlock these fears, heal them and transform them, you can rock your power, make the money you deserve and have the freedom you truly desire.

You see, for years I struggled with trying to consistently create the income I knew I could earn doing what I love. I was passionate and driven but I was stuck.

After a long journey of discovering who I was and how I could best serve in the world, and figured out all the business components that are required to create a biz that's in alignment with what you truly desire (yeah, I had created a mutli-6-figure biz I hated, and had to hit the rest button so I could re-create one that was in alignment with what I truly wanted).

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and you are ready to use your business as a tool to live the life you desire and rock the world with your message then I would love to help you do just that!

Check out the client raves to get a sense if we’re a match.

If you are ready to take your biz & your life to the next level.Stop working so hard, trying to do it all on your own. Let's transform your business to the next level, and Rock Your Limits™ Get Started here to see how I can help you break through your limits, rock your business, your life, make the money you deserve and have the freedom you desire.

Love and blessings, xox, Kim

Stop trying to be someone else, it’s all about you


I made this huge realization this morning right after my morning walk.


Most days I get up early, exercise, meditate with my 8 year old, and then get my 8 year old and 4 year old ready for school. After that, I come back home, go for a quick meditative walk around the neighborhood and breathe in life, it’s kind of been my routine, and it’s kind of been pretty boring lately, like I am just going through the motions.


I felt like I was in a rout, but this morning I took a different route around my neighborhood and it took me longer than usual, and my meditative playlist ran out, I was going to start it over again and then the thought popped into my head to try something new, so I picked an old playlist I hadn’t listened to in years (probably almost 3 by now). The first song was by Journey, Don’t stop believing, by the time I got the song playing I was just about done with my walked, I put the key into the door and unlocked the door, and headed to make my morning smoothie with ear plugs still blaring the song, I began to sing along.


Actually, not only was I singing along but I was dancing along, as I opened all the windows and sliding screen doors in the house and was just having fun. I was practically screaming at the top of my lungs, you know when your favorite song comes on the radio and you are just belting it out and not really caring what anyone at the stopped traffic light cares. I was in the flow, then the next song came on, Katy Perry, Firework.


Screaming at the top of my lungs as tears streamed down my face, I began to feel the lyrics in my bones, and something sparked inside of me. It was a magical moment and I truly felt alive again.


I finished up the playlist with Survivor, Eye of the Tiger and was raring to go.


While these songs were playing this emotion came over me, I was alive, I was happy, I was ready to start my day and began writing what I realized, which I am sharing below and that is, for practically all my life, I kept trying to make it about everyone else, but all along it has always been about me. Just like it’s always been about you all along.




It’s all about me, ironically it’s always been about me. Me searching for that happiness, that inner peace, looking for that outside validation. Ha, it’s been here all along, everything I ever needed to succeed is right here, right now, it’s all inside of me.


All I have to do is learn to accept myself, to love myself, to be happy with myself.


To find that spark inside of me.


The one that grows and grows and is longing


Longing for me to finally accept me, to fly my freak flag, the one that is all about me.


Man, I have tried so long to make this about other people. What they want, who I need to be to have those things that I want.


I never really wanted those things, well,that’s not true, I do, I do want those things.


But that’s not really what it’s about, it’s about me, wanting to accept and love me for me.


All that outside looking, to be friends with the right people. Or any people for that matter, to have the right clothes, the right bag, the right shoes, the right house, the right coach, the right car, the right weight, the right, you get the idea.


I was trying to fill a void, a void that was inside of me for so long.


And of course it was, I was only a little girl, barely able to mutter a few words when it was taken away from me.
I just forgot that now, as an adult I get to take it back, I don’t have to wait for someone else to give it to me.


I can take care of myself, I don’t need someone else to feed me, or clothe me or protect me or love me, i have me, and that’s all I need.


I just need me, I can fill the void, I can love myself, I can protect myself, I can feed myself, I can clothe myself, I can express myself.


I get to choose.


All this time, in searching for freedom, it was here all along. All along inside of me, waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be okay with me.

Trying to cover up the wounds, to pretend that I wasn’t hurt, it wasn’t cool to be hurt, it isn’t cool to have baggage, it isn’t cool to be damaged, to not have the right clothes, the right hair, the right car, the right house, the right accent. The right background, the right mom, the right dad, the right whatever it is.


But I am me and that is all I need, I have me, I don’t need anyone else.


Do I love others, of course I do, I love my kids so much, they are my world, and I would give my life for them, truly, my husband, is the most supportive man I could ask for in my life, I love him to pieces, more and more each day.


But I don’t need them like I need me. Because once I have me, all of me, and I accept me, all of me, I have everything that I need. And until I do, I don’t have anything, even if I have everything I ever wanted, even if tomorrow all my hopes and dreams I have ever had came true, I would be nothing without me.


There is no joy in that, it’s like they say money can’t buy happiness but it can sure buy you a lot of things.

The truth is, I have had it all, the house, the cars, the clothes, the bags, the body, the hair, the schools, the degrees, the jobs, the boat, the life. I had it all, and yes, I want it back but not because it will make me happy, but because I want them, but I don’t need them.


What I need is me.


And in order to get those things back, I gotta love me, I gotta accept me, I gotta allow me to be me. I have to express myself in the way that only I can express myself, I have gotta allow myself to shine through, like a firework, to explode in the night sky. I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be me. Just me, all of me, without leaving any of those pieces out.


You know the ones that I don’t want anyone to know about.


The ones that on some level are still hurt and wounded and have been screaming out to me for far too long, some most of my life, since the first signs of abuse started, by the time I was 2.


Yes, those pieces of me, having been orchestrating this, have been begging, have been creating chaos so that I could finally wake up and let them be.


For me to be okay with what happened to me, not to excuse it but to understand it, not to make it okay, but that I am okay. I understand it, I don’t blame my perpetuous anymore, I don’t blame myself anymore.


I used to for a really long time, and sometimes, I still carry around this anger, this hurt, this pain, that that little girl injured, at the young age of 2 when she was first sexually abused, or 13 when she was forced to have an abortion, or at 11 when she barely escaped with her life, or at 19 when she again, barely escaped with her life, or at 9, when she was raped, or at 24 when she once again barely escaped with her life, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.


But it was because of who I was, and what I had been through, who I had become in the process that allowed me to finally get guts enough to stand up for myself at the age of 34 with two small kids and a husband and decided that all the stuff in the world, the material possessions didn’t matter, that her life was what was important, that her kids lives were what was important, that it didn’t matter that it meant that she had to give up everything she ever knew to start all over again.


That women, would have never been able to do all that if it were not for all she had endured, and all she had become in the process. And that women who decided at the age of 38 that she was ready to go back to her home land and yet again, start her life all over again.


You see, it’s not about all the stuff you have, you don’t get to take any of it with you, it’s not about what you have to give up in the process, and there will be plenty, but it’s about who you become in the process. It’s who you always were. Let your light shine through, let your light shine through so brightly, let it shine on those wounds, and heal your past, and allow yourself to be whole again. The only way out is through, the only way to be fulfilled, to have it all, and keep it all is to love you in the process, to accept you in the process, to allow you to be the one who decides what it all means, your past, your present, your now. The only time is now, don’t delay another moment, your life is waiting for you, your freedom is waiting for you, that little girl/boy inside of you is waiting, for you to love them, to accept them, to protect them. They have infinite and unlimited wisdom for you, you just gotta get through the chaos, the judgement, the masks, strip it down and allow yourself to see you for you, and love you for you, wounds, warts and all.


Once you do that, the world is your oyster, you may create what you want, how you want, with who you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want and you will keep it, and you will be fulfilled, you will be living your purpose, your truth and there is nothing more freeing, or fulfilling or satisfying then walking through life with that kind of conviction, freedom, confidence.


You are powerful beyond measure, you are more powerful than you yet know, let your light shine like a beacon, be all of you, and stop hiding those pieces of you that you think are unacceptable, are ugly, or dark, or cold, or scary, let them into the light and use them as fuel to get what you want.


You are worthy, just because you are, you are here, right here, right now, you are worthy, the only time that truly exists is now, the past is already done, the future isn’t guaranteed, the only time is now.


What do you choose?

Much love, xo,

P.S. I made a brief announcement yesterday about opening my calendar for 5 slots of 2 hour intensive sessions with me, does one of them have your name on it? If you are ready to bust through your blocks and finally own your value, own your worth, accept yourself for who you are, warts and all, and bolding walk in the world then this is for you. Go here to grab your spot!

<<go here now>> to claim your spot!

But hurry, there are only a few spots open before it goes away and price more than triples. :-)

P.P.S. Have any questions, just send me a message :)

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Do you feel it?


The pressure to try harder to push more, to have more?


To have an unlimited supply of money, to  have a business that you desire, so that you can have freedom?


Yay, me too.


But why do you want these things?


What does it do for you?


Truly, really, deep down inside, what do these things do for you?


The big house?

The fancy car?

The house cleaner?

The gardner?

The $200,000 in the bank?

The amazing team?

The _____?


Whatever else you really want, and you know you want it, you think about it all the time, you dream about it, you drool about it, you fantasize about it.


But, do you have it?


All of it, yet?


Or are you still waiting for the perfect time, the perfect solution, the perfect answer, more clarity, more direction, more…..?


Yeah, I know the feeling, that feeling of longing for something more, of having something more, of wanting something more, and being stuck smack dab in the middle of a shit storm that you created so that you could experience the contrast. WTF, you scream, I don’t want this, and more and more and more of it comes.


The more you dwell on what you don’t have the more you become aware of just how far away you are from what it is that you want, WTF, how are you “supposed” to visualize what you want to “make” it become your reality if every time you do you are just so damn keenly aware that you don’t have it?


You feel the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


What would it be like to have the dream house, the dream car, the team, the $200k in the bank, the house cleaner, the personal chef?


You don’t know, duh, you don’t have it, you are stuck over here, trying to scrape together nickels to make ends meet.


Your business is like a full time job that is sucking the life out of you and there is no end in sight, no matter how many affirmations you say and no matter how many meditations, or self help books you read, the gap is still there.


What you want is there __________ and you are here.


WTF, how are you “supposed” to get there?


Here’s what’s worked for me, and it’s kind of universal law so it will work for you too.


You see, all you need to do is get into vibrational alignment with what it is that you want, instead of the vibration that you are at.


Sounds easy right?


So, how do you get into alignment?


Well thoughts become things so you just gotta think positive thoughts right?


Well, not exactly, because if you think about what you want, you become aware that you don’t have it, and then you feel like crap because you don’t have it, yet and then it’s a downward spiral from there.


You see, that’s why reading affirmations doesn’t really work, you can read the affirmations all day long but if when you read them your ego is screaming, ah yeah, that is not my reality, the feelings that go along with you saying those affirmations are actually taking you further and further away from the thing that you want.


This was a huge aha for me years ago when I realized that the more mindset work I did the worse shit became, because you see, the state in which you are doing your mindset work in makes all the difference.


It’s not so much what you think and what you say, yes, yes, we create with our thoughts and our words, but think about it, different things mean different things in different cultures. We really create with our emotions, or feelings, its how we feel when we say it.

You know what I mean, your spouse asks you something and you can answer with a yes that is a true yes or a yes that is a sarcastic yes and they do not mean the same thing, the difference is the feeling that goes with it.


Feelings/emotions are the universal language, what you feel is what you get, so really to get the money, the house, the car, etc you gotta feel what it feels like to have it, even though you don’t yet have it.


And the thing is that you don’t really want the money, the house, the car, etc, you want the feeling it gives you. You see, we are all motivated by pretty much three things (this is why people will buy your products and services too, or any product or service for that matter) and that is love, security and self esteem.


Really think about it, take that in, and allow that to really sink in, that’s it, that’s really truly what we are after, love, security or self esteem, all the “things” we want are boiled down to that. It’s really very simple, and even simpler then that is it’s not really the thing that we want but the feeling that we perceive will be get when we get the thing.


For example, maybe you want to buy a house, in a specific neighborhood, yes, you want the house but you really want the let’s say security that that house gives you. Maybe when you were growing up your parents rented and you moved a lot, from one school to another, having to leave your friends behind, etc, and you don’t want to do that to your kids, you want to create a stable environment for them, so you want to buy a house in a specific neighborhood, that goes to a specific school, where your kids can have a stable environment, hence security.


Now your reason for wanting this may be different, but I think you get the point, you don’t really want the house you want what the house gives you, and your kids. You want to feel stable, secure.


So, if you are having a hard time getting the house, you need to start to ask yourself questions like, what can I do now in order to feel secure and stable, or whatever it is beneath the surface, (the more layers you can dig down the better), it is that you want. Get to the feeling you are after, then ask yourself, how can I experience that feeling now? Then do everything you can experience that feeling as often as possible until you get the house.


Simple enough right?


Kinda, sorta, sometimes, and sometimes not so much, it really depends.


It depends on where you are in your journey, how in touch you are with your feelings, how aware you are with your patterns that hold you back, your own version of sabotage. You see the thing is that if it was that easy, you’d already have the house, but if you don’t it’s because something is in the way, the thing that is in the way, the only thing that is in the way is you.


That’s it, you are the only thing stopping you from having what you want.


So, ask yourself what do you have to do to get the heck out of your own way so that you can have what you want?


Likely, you have some deep rooted beliefs in the way, perhaps some energy in your field that is stopping you from getting what you want, because if you didn’t you’d already have it.

If you are ready to get out of your own way, clear the blocks and come up with a strategy to get what it is you want, then I’d love to help you. One of my superpowers is being able to quickly see where it is that you are holding yourself back, and then helping you transform and heal that so that you can powerfully claim what it is that you want. Plus, I am really good at strategizing the practical stuff too, it’s kind of the whole package.


So, if you’d like to get clear on what is in your way of manifesting what you want, clear it and strategize to you will get it with grace and ease then I’d love to help you do just that in a 1:1 two hour session.


Can you do it on your own?


Of course you can, but you can likely get there a lot faster if you enlist the help of someone else, because, let’s be honest, if you could get out of your own way quickly you would have probably done it already, am I right?


It’s totally up to  you, if you want to go it alone or get help, whether my help or someone else’s or do it alone, it’s your choice, it’s always your choice.


If you resonated with this article, and you’d like to enlist my help, I’d love to help you. I just opened up a few spots on my calendar for 2 hour 1:1 mastermind sessions, in the past I have charged $1695 for these 2 hour sessions, and they are very powerful and my clients have gotten some amazing results but I am feeling a pull to do something special as I transition in my business and I’d like to offer this to 5 people for just $500.


Yep, you and me, 2 hours 1:1 for a small one time investment of only $500.


If you’d like to take advantage of one of these 5 spots then just go here to secure your spot.


If you have questions about if this is what you need, then send me a message :-)


Talk soon, much love,

xo, Kim

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This is my 10th year in business, just celebrated my biz anniversary recently in fact, and all that time was leading up to this moment, I kind of got a glimpse of this a few years ago, when a mentor said to me something that really struck a nerve. It was related to all the abuse I had been through, and well, lived to tell the tale, he said something to the affect of this is your greatest gift, this will set you free.

At the time I seriously wanted to punch him in the face, I had tears streaming down my face and all I wanted was to “fix” my biz and have this pain go away. Instead, I was challenged to pick up my life and start all over again, because the abuse was so bad, I had no other choice but to leave, you can read more about that back story here.

Long story short, we moved 2000+ miles across the country with 2 small kids and pretty much nothing else, to start our lives over again. Then 3 + years later, I decided to leave it all behind and move back to our home state of New York. You can read about the in between here, and the rest I shared last week here. (well the hi-lights anyway :-))

All of this to say that I feel like after nearly 4 years since that day when my mentor said to me this abuse is your greatest gift, I have finally come full circle, there was only so much I could from afar those 3 + years I spent in TX and now, that I have been in NY for nearly 8 months I do finally feel like I have come full circle and can share these experiences openly in my Journey to Freedom of how I escaped debilitating and devastating child abuse and how you can overcome practically anything in your life.

I got a glimpse of this 3 years ago and then during the summer last year, its the reason I rebranded in the first place. The thing is though, I got scared, I started the process of rebranding and then I started to getting blow back, I started getting resistance, and I retreated and I pulled back. You see, when I got that vision of Rock Your Limits, I knew exactly what it was, but I wasn’t fully ready to step into it, it required me to grow more (which I did by moving back to NY) and I will continue to do, but it also required that I stop what I was doing previously.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love working with my amazing clients, and there are at the moment a handful I am still working with, but we are working on the deeper issues, the real meat and potatoes that keep us stuck in our limitations, and from the outside looking in, that’s not what is portrayed with my brand, and I know that.

So, what I was inspired to do was to shut it down, to stop it, to retreat, to write my book, to dig deep and really ask some tough questions, some of which I am still answering and will continue to answer.

In sense, as the subject of this email suggests, I am retiring, kind of, because its no longer in alignment and I want to serve at the best and highest good for all.

I tried to keep this as a side gig, I have so many digital products that it seems crazy to just stop selling them, but I have the vision, and I was guided to do it, and I know right now my job is to trust, even if I don’t quiet understand it or see the big picture just yet.

So, I am letting you know, that beginning next week, you won’t be able to purchase any of my products, and I wanted to let you know that so if you have been thinking about it you can do something about it.

Some of these programs I have literally been selling for almost 3 years and some of them I recently created this year, they are all awesome and amazing. But its time to retire them, I tried it before, but I got scared. This time, I am doing it differently, and I am going to celebrate with a bang and these babies, I mean products won’t be coming back, at least not in this form, indefinitely, I got the message, Universe :-)

In the meantime, until Sunday at midnight EST I have decided to put these programs on sale, for a pretty ridiculous investment, the sales pages all have timers and once the timers disappear the sales pages will disappear too along with the programs. The majority of these programs are 75-85% off, I really want anyone who has been on the fence about any of these programs to be able to snag them before they retire on Sunday.

Just go to my website here and you can snag them. The formatting is a little wonky for some reason but you can get the idea :)

If you have any questions, please just let me know.

In the meantime, I’ll likely be keeping a low profile while I write my book and get clear on my next steps.

My heart is ready for this work for a long time, and finally I am in a position to do it and feel fully aligned. My mission is to help irradiate child abuse and to help heal those who have been through it so that they can have a life that they deserve finally. There is no need to suffer anymore. We have such a tremendous ability to heal and I want to help those who want help. If that’s you, I’d love to hear back from you, just hit me up here.

xox, Kim
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outisthroughAs I’ve been sharing over the past several weeks, my team and I have been taking some time off to enjoy the summertime weather and be with our kiddos.

It’s been great to be able to step away for a bit, spend time with the kiddos, in the sun, at the beach and really just having some space.

I have been feeling a bit cramped the last several months and things have been snowballing from there. Actually, ever since we moved back to NY if I am honest with myself.

It wasn’t what I expected it to be, I am not sure exactly what I expected but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

You see, as you may or may not know, I moved to TX 3+ years ago because I had to escape, my past, my family, my trauma, and while I was in TX for those 3+ years I did tremendous healing, emerged as a new person, and really learned to stand in my true potential (although, I now see I wasn’t even scratching the surface). I have had the great honor of helping amazing entrepreneur’s to get the hell out of their own way and forge a path to freedom.

And some where along the way, I forgot what I was fighting for, shit got hard, again, shit, last year was the most profitable year to date in my biz and it was filled with joy and love, and awesome amazing clients, beaches, and lots of family time. It’s one of the reasons I chose to come back to NY, I thought I had come full circle, that it was done, that my past was finally in the past and it was safe for me to come back home to NY, not to my family, that I know is not safe, but to be able to live where I want to live, how I want to live and not be worried about if I am going to run into my past .

So, I took the plunge and almost as quickly as I decided to leave NY in the first place, we left TX and headed back to NY, this time John went ahead with out me so he could settle things for us, and we could get the kiddos registered for school, when we left the first time, they weren’t even in school yet :-)

John moved back home within 24 hours of making the decision and me and the kids within 45 days. it was filled with lots of interesting adventures and of course, it took a lot of money and resources went into making another cross country move, definitely a bit more strategic this time :-) thank goodness, I do learn from my past :-) but still it was draining and it took a lot out of me.

A lot more than I had thought it would, sure it was filled with excitement and fun, and I felt a sense of comfort being back in my old stomping ground, but me, I wasn’t the same woman who left those almost 4 years ago now, I had changed, evolved and grown into someone else. And when I got back in that old environment I was challenged, big time.

It was weird, almost this surreal kind of twilight zone thing going on because it was familiar yet it wasn’t because I was different. I also discovered that despite all the healing and evolving I had done, I wasn’t able to come full circle until I was back in my neck of the woods.

And so, over that past 9 months or so I have been rediscovering who I am through new eyes, in a way that was not possible for me before because I was holding onto so much baggage, being held hostage, a prisoner in my own mind, own world and today, I wanted to share that with you, and now that I am on the other side of this, and have come full circle I can see the magical gifts that were in store for me. It’s like I am back, its me on steroids so to speak, stepping into my potential and being even more of me.

I wrote this passage in my journal during this journey, I have been hesitant to share it with you because, its harsh, its vulnerable, its me, it’s scary, you could judge me, and yet, my gut won’t not let me share it because I know I am not the only one who has gone through this, and I want to help and I believe shining the light in the darkness is the only way to truly lead to the light.

And if you’d like some support, either 1:1 or in a group setting be sure to check out the PS, as summer is winding down I am beginning to make room in my schedule to take on a very select # of clients, so if you are ready to liberate yourself and you’d like some help, then let’s chat, okay! :-)

Here goes…and if this offends you and don’t like having me in your inbox any longer, no worries, I am definitely not for everyone and that’s cool, the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the email :-)

Who do you think you are?

You think you have the power to change a situation? To make it better? To make your life better? To create a biz and life you want?

Please, get the hell over yourself, you are useless, you are worthless, you’ll never amount to anything and you might as well just give up now.

You are a useless piece of shit that has never amounted to anything and never will. And what you are really afraid of is that you will be found out, that you are a complete and utter fraud, because guess what. that’s what you are!

Seriously, who in the fuck do you think you are? I mean for real. Get the fuck over yourself. Do it now, just come to terms with it, you are a useless, piece of shit that is worthless, seriously why are you even trying, it’s such a fucking joke.

You are a fucking joke, my God, look at you, you are destroying your life, everything you ever thought you’d work for. It’s gone, you are destroying it all, pretty soon, there will be no one left by your side. The only reason the people who are by your side are by your side is because, well, they can’t see a better option right now, but trust me, when they do, they will be out of here like white on rice.

What is the point?

What is the point of all of this, it’s like why keep on going, what are you working towards? What is it all for?

It’s like in this moment, it seems as if you have lost all hope of becoming something better, something stronger, something worthwhile, something other than your mom and you look in the mirror that’s all you see. You see her, a worthless piece of shit, selfish and you can’t even get out of your our own way. Look at you you, you have Having destroyed all that was. You don’t even know who you are anymore. It’s like there is nothing left to fight for, what the fuck are you fighting for? Where the hell did this come from? How did this happen?

And now you realize that you just screwed up a really great opportunity, And it was probably a really good chance to turn everything around, but of course, you fucked it up, again! What else is new.

And now, well,You Think,Well I guess,Going back to doing what I was doing…,Isn’t that bad?

Who cares if it was doing something you don’t believe it,I mean who do you think you are that you get you, What you love, what you’re passionate about what you really good?

Come on man, this stuff is so deep, this dysfunction, it’s so deep it’s in your Fucking DNA,It’s in your kids DNA for crying out loud. Come on you really think that you could actually do something about it do you?Like really you think you are “The One” that will bring about change?That will turn this shit around, Come on who do you think you are?

You haven’t even done it yourself, you can’t even stand on your own 2 feet, you are useless and worthless and you’ll never amount to anything.You’ll never amount to anything. Why don’t you just give up now, Give up on your dream.Your dream, come on now, you are so freaking pathetic you don’t even know what it is. Really?

Come on who are you kidding.Just give up. Just give up now, All you do is cause more harm, more hurt, more betrayal, more pain, more suffering, more struggle.

I can’t even believe these thoughts, these words, Is this really how you think about yourself? Like really and you think you’re going to help other people?

It seems you’re not even in a position to help yourself.

OMG. this is eye opening. And this hurts really bad.

These thoughts, These words, Has it been running the show the whole time?

Just a waiting, waiting for you to fall, for you to break, to die.

It’s so painful. You didn’t even know this about yourself. You don’t even know why it hurts so bad. You don’t even know why you feel this way, They’re so much in the past that you thought you left there. Only, you left you there too, and that part of you, she has been living in that pain day in and day out, never able to escape it. And now you she rears her ugly little head and causes havoc and thoughts and feelings that you don’t know what to do with them and you try to shut her out, to shut her off.

You can never leave her behind, not without healing her first, she is always with you, running the show in the background, that scared little girl, 3, 5, 7, 13, she does not have the capacity to navigate this, no, she was never meant to navigate this. But you left her, alone, in the dark, with the demons and now, you feel lost, and scared and lonely.

She feels lost and scared and lonely, and now she’s angry, she’s angry you abandoned her, you left alone, high and dry and out there on her own.

And you thought she would not fight back, not lash out, not try and get your attention.

Yes, that is her, messing up your life.

Your business.

Your finances.

Your relationships.

She is the one causing the struggle, the hurt, the pain, the sacrifice.

She knows it, she knows it all too well.

And now you feel like a lost child who doesn’t know her way home.

You tried calling out to her, but she doesn’t hear you, nobody hears you, there is no answer, the phone just keeps ringing and ringing, no machine, no voicemail.


You are all alone.

Feeling lost, and scared, and lonely and angry.

You  just want to go back home.

Why won’t anyone save me?

Why won’t you come to my rescue?

Why do I have to go through this?


Why do I have to go through this on my own?


You were supposed to take care of me, you were supposed to love me, to protect me from evil, from harm, from the devil but instead you slept with him,you are the devil in disguise now.


I don’t even know you anymore.


I am on my own trying to fight to live another day to survive to get by only you left me with no map, no GPS. I can’t even see the sun, the stars and the moon, no way to navigate this on my own, my head is spinning, my eyes are filled with tears. I’m terrified, and you, It’s you, I never really wanted this, I never signed up for this, I just wanted to be loved.


I trusted you. You told me everything was going to be okay,it’s not OKAY, my God, it’s not even close to okay.

It’s not even close.

You are stuck in your own prison, that you created just pretending that it’s okay.

Being held hostage by your trauma, the past, the abuse.

You can’t even recognize yourself anymore. You’ve become the things you swore you would never be.

But you can’t feel, no you can’t feel, you don’t have time for that no, there are bills to pay, and food to put on the table, so you just keep on keepin on, covering it up, pretending it’s okay.

But the wounds they run deep and these scars, oh these scars are constant reminders.

You pray, you hope, you pray, you hope, begging, pleading, please, come and save me, please help me escape from this hell, this prison.

But here’s the thing, nobody’s coming to save you, despite the fairytale stories you were told as a kid, no, you are on your own.

Left in the dark, with the pain, hurt, the guilt, shame, it’s cold and scary, and you don’t want to be there, no, you’d rather be anywhere else, but not here, not now, not after all you’ve been through, all you’ve done to try and put this behind you.

But, the only way out is through.

Embrace it, feel it, swim in it, take from it what it has to give you, the strength, the courage, the potential, and allow it transform your life.

There is power in the darkness, there is power in no longer pretending, there is power in healing, you can be saved, you are worthy, you are child of God, despite it all, in fact, because of it all you have the power, the strength, the courage, the tenacity to get out of survival and into thriving.

But, the only way out is through.

Isn’t it time you stopped pretending that everything was okay, let it go, the shame, the guilt, and embraced who you really are.

It’s safe for you to be you, it’s safe for you to transform your life.

But, the only way out is through.

Take back your power and come home. Come home to you. Love yourself, full, complete and free.

xox, Kim

P.S. If you’d like some help, that’s kinda my gig so to speak, I have finally been able to find peace, love, expansion, freedom and liberation from my past, I have learned to open up my gifts from the shadows and use them to transform my life and biz and I’d love to help you too! If you’d like 1:1 support from yours truly then just go here, fill out the form and we can have a conversation.

I am also in the process of creating a group program as well, I am still nailing down the details of what that looks like but it will for sure include a community of others who are on the same journey, a safe place for you to come back home and not think you are crazy, lol, anyway, if you’d like be on the first to know it comes out, just click here to get on the list (plus,I’ll give you something special right away too).

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