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My super powers are helping badass entrepreneur sisters to kick ass in their by creating an aligned biz, mindset, energy, marketing, biz model so that they can fund the life of their dreams, making a shit ton of money, doing what they love, #RockYourLimits, #ItsNowOrNever!

Are you a badass entrepreneur who is ready for a quantum leap into a purposeful business that finally makes sense, makes money and makes you happy?

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Love and blessings, xox, Kim

fallingapartHave you ever felt like everything is falling apart, like seriously falling apart.


You hit a wall in your business, you can’t seem to get a client to save your life, your roof is leaking, your kid needs braces, there is no food in the cupboard and you feel like you can’t take it anymore and you are not sure you can actually make it out this time.


Well, I know that I sure have been in that slump, like everything I was doing wasn’t working, the same way it used to work, nothing seemed to stick, and there were times when I questioned, was I really cut out to do this, was I going to make it, where my bills going to be paid, was I going to have a roof over my head, food on the table, shit, I was even going to have a table.


We all have those days, when we feel down in the dumps and like WTF is going to shift, because you can’t take another second of this BS and you just want to throw in the towel.


Can you relate, or is it just me?


I remember, this one time, well, there were many times, but I am going to share this one time, and mean things were really, really bad. I just moved from NY to TX with my husband(who left his job, no severance or anything like that), my two small kids (Summer was 1 and Kyle who was 4 at the time) and we were about 4 days in TX. We moved on a whim after I got the awareness that I needed to leave a very unsafe environment(but that’s a story for another day).
Anyway, we just moved and were were in TX for about 4 days, oh did I mention that it was the week of Thanksgiving here in the US? Well, you can imagine, that everything was pretty much shut down, no outside help, we tried to go to a shelter but that was no luck they turned us away, we tried to get assistance with food stamps but they turned us away because we did not have an address (ah seriously, that was kinda the point). John had been searching for a job to no avail and I was seriously calling every single person I had ever worked with in the past, and any person that had shown any interest in working with me (even though I was helping my clients to build a list, duh, it wasn’t something that I was actively doing, so I had no list).

Anyway, it was Thanksgiving morning and I remember sitting on the edge of the bed in this really crummy, and do mean crummy hotel room (you know the ones that cost less than $400 for the entire week), and I was holding back the tears and trying to hold myself together. John was sitting right in front me and Kyle and Summer were on this makeshift table and we were eating spaghetti for Thanksgiving dinner that we cooked on the one burner makeshift kitchen in the hotel with spaghetti we got from Target the day before.


I remember, thinking, WTF was I going to do, I had exhausted all avenues (or so I thought), John wasn’t having any luck getting a job, and I couldn’t make a sale to save my life, and we were out of money and out of a place to live in less than 3 days, by that point we already lived in the car (Kyle still has nightmares about that) and I felt like that wasn’t an option.


I was emailed my coach and basically vomiting on him about how nothing was working, I was stuck and I didn’t know what to do. He wrote back to me and said, you are not committed to making it happen, going back (meaning going back to NY) is still an option for you and as long as it’s still an option you won’t have the breakthrough that is going to allow you to stay here in TX.


Reading this email while holding back tears, trying to pull myself together and be strong, and pretend that everything was going to be okay while secretly thinking WTF are we going to do, I got pissed, I was livid, in fact, in that moment I hated him, I was pissed, how dare you say that to me, as you are in your nice cozy house with your dog (we had to leave or dog behind) eating your nice Thanksgiving meal and here I am in this shit hotel, eating crap spaghetti, not knowing how the hell I was going to survive another day.

I was seriously angry, that was until I realized he was right, going back was still an option, not making it was still an option, and as long as it was, well, then I guess I could go back and make believe that everything was okay and put myself and my kids in harm’s way cause you know, I just wasn’t strong enough, I guess I just wasn’t cut out to do this and be an entrepreneur, and actually make a life for myself, and create choice and help others.

And then, something inside of me shifted and I said to myself, fuck that, that is not who I am, I am a survivor, I will succeed, going back is NOT an option, and in that moment everything changed. Within 2 days everything started to come together, John got a job, I made a business trip that lead to my first 5 figure coaching client, which lead to an apartment, and the list went on and on.


So, why am I sharing this with you? And what can you learn?


Its simple, nothing changes until you decide it’s going to change, if going back to your shit job, or not making the money you want to make or fill in the blank is still an option for you then, guess what, you will default, you will go back, you will slide down the hill, and probably end up worse than you were when you started, because it’s still an option for you.


So the first step to changing anything is to decide, and then freaking actually commit (meaning, going back and wavering from that decision is NOT an option, and you are all in) and from there every opportunity will present itself, and you will actually be able to see it (because when going back is an option, you can’t actually see the opportunity, because it looks like work, it’s outside of your comfort zone, and it’s going to stretch you).


And once you decide and commit, you take that action, and you keep on going. You need to realize that right here, right now you have everything inside of you that you need, you have the Universe at your disposal who is ready and willing and waiting for your very command to pull the resources together to help you, but nothing, and I mean nothing happens until you decide and commit and then take the freaking action (even if it scares the crap out of you.) You will be okay, you will make it, you are meant to succeed, you do have everything you need.


But, I’ll tell you I sure as hell did not do it alone, I mean, yes, I did do it alone, cause the truth is we all do it alone, we have to, but you don’t have to be alone when you do it, support as an entrepreneur really isn’t an option, you are going to have bad days, you are going to want to feel like quitting, you are going to want to throw in the towel and you need someone on your side cheering you on, reminding you just how freaking powerful you are and that you are meant to succeed.


Which is why I would love to invite you to join me in the Rock Your Limits™ Online Society, where you can make money faster, doing what you love, and be supported by a community of other entrepreneurs who are doing it to and be lead by someone who has been through the fire and made it back on the other side to talk about it.


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I would love to support you in your journey to making money doing what you love and creating a business and life on your own terms.


There are thousands of dollars worth of bonuses for all founding members which you will get immediate access to. Plus, another bonus that is not on the sales page but it’s yours if you sign up today, and that is you will receive an invite to a workshop that I am doing that will help you to expedite your results and create consistent income and in a very short period of time. (this is valued at and will sell for $497), it’s happening in the next few weeks, exact date to be determined.


In addition, if you sign up today (and there are 2 options to do so) you will receive a 20 minute 1:1 laser coaching call with yours truly to help kick your butt into gear and get results quickly.


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Any questions, hit me up.


If I can do it, so can you.


Remember, #ItsNowOrNever. #RockYourLimits


Love and blessings,

Xo, Kim


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RYLsocietyWhoohoo! I am seriously like over the moon excited to announce that the thing I was working on behind the scenes is finally ready.  

This has been something that I have been wanting to do, well, for a really long time but honestly up until now, I have been kind of scared, cause, its not about the money, this is about helping a lot of people, about making an impact, about making a difference, man, I wish something like this existing when I first got started! 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am here to make a difference, a big difference, and to leave my market on society and the world. I am on a mission, to help empower as many people as I can, to know that they always have a choice to have a better life, you can choose that today and I help people to create that choice my creating a profitable business that they love, doing what they love, on their own terms (no cookie cutter approaches here!) 

This is my 10th year in business and the fact of the matter is I am damn good at it, the business of doing business is easy for me, its simple, its intuitive, I love it, and I used to think it was that way for everyone, but hello, it was not and I want to make it easy, which is why I am so freaking passionate about rolling out this project. This is something that has been on my heart for a long time, and now I finally get to share it with you.  

So, if you have been struggling or overwhelmed, or feel like you are spinning your wheels, or even if you haven’t been, but you have been craving for support, accountability, community, and some fun, my goodness, what is the point of doing anything if it isn’t fun, right? Then, you are going to want to check it out.  

Right now, and for a VERY limited time only (like less than a week, so please don’t delay), drop what you are doing, this is that important, then you are going to want to check this out.  

I would love to invite you to the Rock Your Limits™ Online Society where you can make more money, faster, doing what you love. And like I said, right now there are exclusive bonuses worth over $7000 that you can get your hands on, and we even have payment plans too to fit your budget.  

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Love and blessings,

P.S. want my personalized help to build your biz on your own terms doing what you love? Well, I have an opportunity for 3 folks to join my exclusive inner circle over the next 3 months to help you do just that, just reply back to this email and let me know you’re interested but don’t delay I have limited spots :-) reply NOW or reach out on Facebook! 

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TimeToWakeUpOkay, so enough with the fucking around it’s time to wake up and snap out of this self imposed prison of BS lies, disbelief, and total shit you created cause you can’t really believe you have a right to be here, to have a better life and actually create something you want.




It’s time baby!


And staying hiding, playing small, and pretending you don’t want the thing that you really want isn’t going to go away until you actually do the thing you want to do and create the life you want to live, and the business that actually allows you to do that instead of imprisoning you in it.


You’ve got a calling, you got a burning desire inside of you to play a bigger game
To make a difference

To live the life you want to live

To NOT Give a shit about others may think or say about you

What others think or do or say about you, has NOTHING to do with YOU and has everything to do with them, so get over that shit and show the F up so that you can do what you came here to do.


Nobody else is going to do it for you

Nobody else can do it for you.

It’s you baby!

It’s always been you!

All you got is YOU!

Are you ready to start acting like it?


Giving a shit what others think about what your truth is only keeps you STUCK and second guessing yourself, not to mention unhappy, unfulfilled, and not making the money you require to live the life you really want to live.


You know, the one that scares the crap out of you because it’s so big and bad and scary, yeah, that one.

The one you secretly dream about and wish were true but you don’t seem to have the balls to actually do something about.


But what if you can’t do it

What if you aren’t good enough

Smart enough

Powerful enough

Good looking enough



BUT what if

You actually are good enough

Smart enough

Powerful enough

YOU are enough

You are powerful enough


In fact, you are powerful beyond measure, more than you even know, or could fathom, but you actually know that already, don’t you.


And the truth is, it scares the crap out of you, cause you are that powerful, you are that great, you have just been buying into the BS lies and misbelief and creating your life by default.

Based on what you think you can have.

What you think you should want.

What others want for you.

What others told you can have.

What others told you you deserve


Fuck that, it’s time to wake the fuck up, and the time is now.

The only time you have is now, like right here, right now in this moment, that’s it.


Nothing else exists except for right now.

Everything else either already happened or hasn’t happened yet.

Stop letting life pass you by, start creating the life you love.


The power you seek outside of you, it’s in you baby, you are that power, you are that mighty, you can have anything you desire, anything, those secret dreams, those fantasies, they are yours, wish granted.
Stop hoping and start doing, you can have it all, it all starts with a choice, a decision, right here, right now in this moment, to take your life by the horns, to put fear, and worry and doubt in the backseat, to drive your destiny, as the creator you already are, to make besties with faith, and gratitude and forgiveness.


You can do it, it all starts with a decision.


Remember, #ItsNowOrNever, #RockYourLimits


With love,

xoxo, Kim


P.S. I have been thinking about creating something, it’s something big, it’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s bold, it will change your life, and mine, it’s me stepping further into my purpose and helping you to step further into yours. It’s about creating what you want from where you are at, it’s about being you and making money, it’s about stepping into your power, about creating a life you love and business that you use as a tool to support that life. It’s going to revolutionize the way that you do business and live your life. And the best part, it’s going to be super freaking affordable, because, I want to help as many people as possible without making money a barrier to entry and it’s about time. Let me know what you think and if you want in? Comment below or send me a message on Facebook here!

P.P.S. Want to work with me 1:1 to help bust through your own limits, and create the money you desire so you can live the life you want to live on your own terms, I have 1 spot open for a 30 day intensive, message me and let me know if you want it. It would be my honor to help you transform your life and biz.

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