1-on-1 Mastermind Sessions are Now OPEN!

LIMITED SPACE: Only 2 bookings per month!

Ready to take your business to the next level?

I have some good news for you.

For the first time in years, I am opening up my calendar to you for 1-on-1 mastermind sessions. Up until now, I have only offered this opportunity to my 1-on-1 and VIP clients and I have to say, the results are always amazing.

In these structures, we can help you get clear on what is standing in your way and devise an action plan to get you where you want to go all in 2 hours.

Seriously, in 2 hours’ time, the course of your business could change forever, imagine the possibilities.

Kim Beckers


What can you do during these 2-hour deep dive sessions? 

It’s up to you, here are a few ideas:

Direction of where to go ‘next’ in your business when you feel stuck
Mapping out an automated marketing strategy for your business
How to create leveraged revenue streams
How to find and hire team members that will free you up
Which systems do you need and why?
Anything else you can think of!

Between my private and VIP clients I have gone through this process with many clients over the years. The ideas that occur during these structured  sessions are pretty amazing and often change the course of a business.

The process is simple, the format is 2 hours one-on-one with me (virtually)…

If working with me has been on your “to do” list, do not wait, they will fill up fast and I fully expect that we will need a start a waiting list….plus, the price will be going up soon!

This is the perfect time to nail down your strategy to reach your goals before the end of the year and make this your best year yet.

Are you ready to create the business and life you truly desire?
Beyond anything you thought was possible?

It is possible and I want to help you create a business that is in full alignment with what you truly desire.

Lets do this together.

Love and blessings, xox, Kim

Take Action NOW!


"Kim is a super-star, her stage is online. While Kim’s role offers “behind-the-scenes” support she is more like a front and center gal. Kim knows how to lead others to success and has led me repeatedly….I have saved HOURS of time following her recommendations… and highly recommend her!…”


“Kim moves you beyond all you thought possible! Not only does she go the distance to truly give you exactly what you need before you know that you need it. Kim is more than equipped and does step up, in whatever forum you require…from mindset to business success strategizing, as well as setting up systems that free you to soar!”


“...Kim is a master at what she does! 

She is an amazing resource on what systems a business owner needs to have in place in order to stop leaving money on the table!

I highly recommend Kim for people ready to get the support that will take their business to the next level!..”


“..After ten years of running a successful business, I felt I had reached the limits in terms of structures, planning, and growth. I had grand plans for where I wanted to go, but was overwhelmed trying to get thereKim's left me with a simple, concrete plan to take my business to the next level + dozens of invaluable resource"


HEY, THERE YOU success-driven badass ENTREPRENEUR,

I'm Kim, and I started my first online business in 2006 with an eCommerce plus-sized lingerie store. Based on its success, I began helping others do the same. 

By 2008, after my first child was born, I realized I had to choose between consulting/VA work and eCommerce. I sold the eCommerce business and shifted my focus to digital marketing, operations, and behind-the-scenes work. 

Throughout my journey, I've experienced many twists, turns, failures, successes, and self-discoveries, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to get where I am today. I wouldn't change a thing!

I'm deeply passionate about freedom on all levels and help you to create a heart-centered business that is profitable, sustainable, and fun without sacrificing your life. 

for me that looks like...

Working Monday-Thursday a few hours a day -  usually about 10 hours a week
Lazy mornings spending time with myself + connecting with Spirit
Connecting with + guiding my amazing clients
Connecting with my kiddos + homeschooling them
Making from scratch organic meals and treats for me and my family
Immersing myself in learning and expanding my skill sets in online business, self development, alternative health, spirituality, homesteading, real estate and anything else that peaks my interest.
I only work with clients I want to work with, working when I wanna work and how I wanna work no sleazy calls or icky tactics. Business is fun, easy, simple and only on my terms .
Plenty of time with my kiddos, husband, doing things I wanna do like long weekends at the beach and road-trips. 
Earning a living running my biz that funds my lifestyle and growth in alignment with my core values, like freedom, fun, flexibility, family and enjoyment!

but it wasn't always this way...

I was struggling for a really long time...

I kinda started my service based biz by accident when I was running my product biz and discovered I had a real knack for helping turn nothing into very large and profitable businesses.

It sounds all honky dory right?

I mean I was working with high end clients, helping to develop 7 figure online marketing businesses, but the problem was I was still broke.

I wasn't charging nearly enough for the value I was bringing, (I started out charging about $15 bucks an hour).
I was working upwards of 70+ hours a week, as an independent contractor doing done for you services and not actually charging for my insight, knowledge and wisdom which was actually thing that was moving the needle in my clients businesses. 
I was working way too hard for too many people and not enough money, no matter what I did my income was stuck around $35k/year.
I was working around the clock, day and night, not spending time with my family and I always felt like I had to be ON in my business and there for my clients all hours of the day/night.

I was directly helping create 6+ figure businesses from the ground up and turning 6+ figure businesses into 7+ figure businesses but I was broke and burnt out! 

That was until I finally got the wake up call and realized, I was not living my dreams or my values and something had to change. 

I hired my first high end coach and everything changed, in a matter of less then 30 days, after firing all but one of my clients, my family and I in a leap of faith moved half way around the country (2000+ miles) to escape the toxic and life threatening environment and started our lives over again with my barley 1 year old daughter, and 3 year old son and hubby, kids in toe, mini van packed out we drove across the country with $500 bucks and a dream to start over.

Fast forward less than 30 days from that...



The problem was that 6 months or so into my 6+ figure biz I realized that my biz was still out of alignment with my purpose and values and all the things that mattered to me.

I was working with clients who did not have the same values as me.
I had a big team, and was traveling all over the country on speaking gigs, and sponsorships.
I had a business model that was not working for the lifestyle I really wanted to create.
I did not really see my kids or my hubby.  

A year in, I decided to pull the plug, it was just too damn hard, sure I was making good money but at what cost?

I hit the reset button and started my journey again, to the biz I know have, that supports my lifestyle working about 10 hours a week now.

I want to show you how you can do the same thing, but your version of what that looks like for you, not my version. You see, one of the CRITICAL mistakes I made was following someone else's vision instead of my own.

That same year...

I created a multi 6 figure coaching business working with dreamy ideal clients that got amazing results, some of which have been my client for over 10 years working about 10 hours a week or less, taking vacations, and finally not worried that the bottom was going to drop out!
I increased my income + profitability by over 70% from the previous year where I was making $35-50k months while letting go of 98% of my team.
I only worked with clients I wanted to work with, I only worked the way I wanted to work, I only worked when I wanted to work. I took long breaks off in between, and my business didn’t die. I did business the way I wanted to do business. Period.

The 4Synergy Success Method that I use with my clients is the exact frameworks and methods that I use to guide you to YOUR success.

We get to your own truth, so that you can create a business that is in alignment with your desires, your lifestyle, your purpose, your passion, your values, this all about YOU.

My focus is always on guiding you with foundational strategies and principles rather than the technology. This way as your biz grows you will have a solid understanding of what you need to implement at the different stages because you have a strategic standpoint rather than  a technology standpoint. It also means, you get to keep things simple and you know how to make new choices as your biz grows.

frequently asked questions...

What happens after I pay?

The process is simple, the format is 2 hours one-on-one with me (virtually)…

I only have space for up to 2 bookings per month and that is subject to change at anytime dependiong on my schedule. 

After your purchase is confirmed through our secure server you will  receive an email from me that will have instructions on next steps. 

Before we hop on a call together I want to make sure we are actually on the same page and that you have clarity so that you can get the most out of our 1:1 time together so I am going to ask you to complete a quick form for me and for you!

This form will help get me up to speed on where you are, what’s going on in your business and where the best place to focus will be for you and your business.

In addition, this form will help you too! As you go through these questions, you’ll find that they really help you get clarity on several things in your biz.

After the questionnaire, you get a 1:1 deep dive session with me where we’ll mastermind on next steps to take your biz to the next level. I will need a min of 72 business hours after receiving your form before we book our call subject to my current availability 🙂

What's the investment?

For a limited time the investment for the 1-1 session is only $997 and is only offered on first come first serve basis with LIMITED spots each month and is subject to closure at any time.

This is not meant to be used for ongoing mentoring rather this is meant to help support you with one specific area of your business. If you would like ongoing long term support I invite you to check out the Biz Alignment Accelerator here. 🙂 

Who is this for?

This is for you if you'd like some quick support, guidance and for my eyes on your business. Working with me is a highly intimate and deep process. I will use my intuitive abilities as well as my extensive and vast knowledge from my nearly 20 years in the online space to guide and support you into creating a biz that you love.

I take a no BS, no fluff, no sugar coating, straight talk approach and I will tell you the truth no matter what and I expect the same from my clients, there are no victims. 

This process is NOT for everyone, and I get that, if you want someone to coddle you and baby you, I am not the guide for you and that's okay.

If you are not sure this is the right next step for you, just ask your question on this page and I can make sure it’s what you need.

Is there a guarantee or can I get a refund?

Short answer, No.

Here’s the thing, I am guiding you in this process, you are doing the work, the only way it doesn’t work is if you don’t do the work. 

When you commit to working with me, you're partnering with me. If you're seeking an exit before diving in, it might indicate this level of support isn't the right fit for you—feel free to explore my other programs.

What is the 4Synergy Success Method?

The 4Synergy Success Method™ are the frameworks that I have devised from my nearly 20 years online and 15+ years prior in the business world that allows you to blend Soul, Systems, Strategy + Sustainability to create a business that is 100% in alignment with YOU and YOUR unique self, as well as your true dreams, desires and the lifestyle you want to create. 

It's all about taking a deep dive into your soul so that you can create a business that is not only in alignment with your vision but who you are at soul level, and how you were divinely created, unlocking your superpowers, proven + effective business strategies, simple systems, ultimate sustainability.

Still have questions?

No problem, just click here to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

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