3 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tactics

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Affiliate marketing has got to be one of the greatest business models the world has ever seen. Basically it allows someone with no products of their own without any customer service hassles to make a good living online by funneling traffic to other websites ad collecting a sizable percentage of the sale. It sounds fantastic, and it really is for some, but sadly for many it just doesn’t produce the sort of income that would be necessary for them in order to do it full-time comfortably. The great thing is that by learning a few really good and clever techniques it is easy to have a great increase in the amount of money that you make for pretty much the same effort as before. Remember always work smarter but not necessarily harder.

First and foremost remember to always build a list if you are doing affiliate marketing. This is the most important thing in affiliate marketing and so if you haven’t started a list already then you really must do so. It is the only way to build long term profits with security in this industry. Now we’ve cleared that up let’s move quickly on to the 3 killer affiliate marketing tactics:

1. Use Video In Order To Increase Conversions

Over the past couple of years video has really taken the Internet by storm and whether you like it or not in order to keep with the times and produce maximum profits it has got to be an integral part of your marketing. The great thing is that it is not that complicated anymore and is also really cheap. The important thing is to have your video follow onto the affiliate programme which your promoting after it has finished playing. A great tool which only costs about $30.00 can do this easily and is called CamStudioPro. The investment should pay its self back quickly.

2. Use A Link Cloaking Service

Nowadays, particularly in the Internet Marketing niche but also more and more in outside niches, people are becoming more and more aware of affiliate links and as a result less commissions are being made. Therefore it is a good idea to use a link cloaker service to protect your links. There are some free ones and paid ones out there and so it is a good idea to do a Google search and find a suitable one.

3. Offer Bonuses For Buying

This is a great way to increase conversions. Just create a nice bonus to go with a product and then tell people when they buy to send their receipt to you in order for you to send them their bonus. This is open and up front and since it benefits both parties it works really well.


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