3 Steps to Making Bold Decisions

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A bold decision is made up of two words. The first word is bold. This means that it should be daring, confident, and purposeful. The second word is decision. This means that it should be a deliberate act born of sound judgment or provide an adequate conclusion. Both words when taken together naturally mean that whatever action is to be taken must have a purpose and an impact.

This article will discuss 3 steps by which you can make any decision, a bold one! Just to be clear, this is NOT an above the clouds discussion that is more theoretical than practical. This article will provide simple but effective methods of making waves in the realm of decision making.

Step 1: Due Diligence

Any decision to be worth implementing must have been weighed down with research, research, and more research. You need to know everything about anything that is proximate and relevant to your cause. Remember, there is a thin line between due diligence and dilly dallying. The former means the proper utilization of time in order to come up with relevant information on specific points within a deadline. The latter means floundering about and taking too much time to come to a decision. Take heed, even the boldest decision may become just a footnote on another person’s prior achievement. Tips:

  • make an outline and stick to it
  • create a draft
  • have enough time to make updates and/or edits

Step 2: The Devil Is in the Details

After your initial research, the next task is to implement your decision. Remember, a decision that is not implemented is either confined to the realm of your thoughts or is a mere scrap of paper. In other words, you should pay special attention to your plan of attack; make sure that it is not only good on paper or on theory, but also practicable. Tip: a checklist would be very helpful in this juncture.

Step 3: Follow Thru

A decision that is not seen to the end, no matter how brilliant it might be, cannot be considered a “decision”, much less be considered “bold”. Remember, some of the boldest and most successful ideas did not reach its full potential overnight. A bold decision is like a camp fire, it starts small. If it is nurtured then it becomes a big blaze which can be self sufficient and hungry for more.  If it is left to its own devices prematurely, it will smolder and die.

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