3 Tips for Managing Your Time and Getting More Things Done

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Whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar store or an online business (or both), you can follow these 3 tips for managing your time so as not to overload yourself and accomplish more things in an efficient and effective manner.

Tip number one is to focus on your main tasks.  There are lots of little tasks that may get your attention the minute you enter your office, like getting lots of emails clarifying things, making requests, and so on. You can allow a few minutes to check and respond to the urgent emails but other than that, you must get some things off your plate, like receiving calls or being distracted by social media.

To be able to zero in on the important things you really need to do, you can create a daily to-do list and follow it.  Actually, I highly suggest that you create this the day before so that when you get into the office, wherever that is you can hit the ground running on what you need to do.

In order to attain a greater focus at work, you also need to maintain work-life balance and stay physically and mentally fit.  This means getting adequate sleep and eating healthy, and exercising, which can greatly help in keeping the mind alert and focused.  Schedule some downtime off-hours, or do something you enjoy when you’re at home rather than worrying your head off about incomplete work tasks and problems.

Tip number two is to break down large tasks or projects into smaller, more manageable chunks or components. Having a timetable and action plan that spreads out cyclic work can prevent things from being overwhelming.

It’s better to do things in advance than wait for the last minute or the deadline but you can only really do this when you properly plan out what you need to do. It also helps to have a positive mindset. Shut off the flow of negative impulses and buckle down to accomplishing several tasks that need your attention.

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Tip number three is to learn the art of delegation.

There are certain tasks in your business that is more profitable when done by others. In delegating, you do not only appropriate the work to the persons working in your business, but you also empower them to make decisions on their own corresponding to the level you authorize them to do so through delegation.  These will motivate them to give their best input and contribute more to the success of your business.

For instance, you can have a virtual assistant help you to manage your calendar or schedule blog posts or social media. You don’t have to do it all on your own and probably shouldn’t either.  However, you do want to know how to get things done in your business, so before passing the buck to someone else be sure to have proven systems and processes in place that will help you manage how you delegate and what you delegate. 

Keep these 3 tips for managing your time and getting organized and you’ll gradually find yourself accomplishing more and making your business grow.

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