5 Cloud-based Tools to Manage Productivity

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Running an online business can be hard especially if it is your first time. Back during the days, it was only normal for entrepreneurs to handle paperwork, but the twenty-first century brought numerous technological advancements to the field of business and marketing. Now, people rely on softcopy or digital files in order to keep their business up and running.

Cloud-based file sharing programs can be used by people with Internet connection if they want to store important date for safe-keeping. Here are five of the best tools that are dominating the World Wide Web:

   1. DropBox – Considered as the most famous cloud-based tool, DropBox offers plenty of features for both free and paid users. If you want a secure way of uploading text files or pictures online, this is the site for you.

   2. Google Docs – Useful for companies that rely on online work. As long as each employee is skilled in manipulating tables and tables of data, Google Docs is a breeze to maintain. Simply make a doc file and share it to those who need to have a copy of that file. The best part is that you can register an account for free.

3.  Asana – A software company that specializes in creating tools for online collaboration among clients and your team. Its main focus is to make sure that emails, files, calendars, and any project plan is accessible to those who matter. The company provides certain client plans that differ on price.

4.  Calendley – Another software provider that improves the interaction among employees through the use of account links, file automations, calendar syncs, and much more. 

5.  EchoSign/Adobe Sign – Considered as one of the best content management systems (CSM). Its main focus is to document management cycles for companies while assisting in the process of document signing and filing. In case you want to let a person sign a contract trust EchoSign to provide you with the right tools needed to accomplish such a task.

 These are five cloud-based tools available on the Internet right now. It is up to you to choose which of these best fits the need of your business. When in doubt, ask for some recommendations from friends.


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