5 Keys to Success in Social Networking

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There are many things you would want to succeed in using the Social Networking, and here are five more keys for you.

You should know your reason for your “WHY?”

You need to know why you want to do social networking and what results you would want to have for your efforts. Knowing your why is not only crucial for your success but also for any other promotional strategies you will dive into.

Choose Where to Play and Play Hard

There are many free marketing schemes out there and once can sign up, create a profile for each and every one of those. However, one has to choose wisely too. Choose where you can strategically gain the most chance of connecting to your target market. Go beyond your page profile. Utilize your chosen ground and connect with others to build not only your business but also relationships with your consumers.

Add Value to Relationships: Be a Connector

The Law of Attraction says: like attracts alike. So make use of this by making your main objective to constantly find ways to add value to your current and future contacts. Be a connector and help others get what they want and make them happy. Then Law of Reciprocity will come in. Your satisfied contacts will feel that they need to reciprocate what you did for them and help you back.

Follow Up!

Don’t waste your time and someone else’s time by just giving them your business card and do nothing. Always remember that time is money. Create a plan for a follow up. Who, when, how, and why are the important things to know when doing a follow up with your prospect. Always bear in mind that your prospects are not the only one that counts but also who they know as well. Generally, people are likely to introduce you to their network. Tend to them and take care of those relationship and once you have gained their trust and confidence, a new path to success will be paved.

Always Ask For What You Want

Be willing to ask for anything that you may want, like help. No one is perfect and people in general are willing to help others who ask for help. Don’t be a “taker” for it is always OK to ask for help every once in a while, as long as you know what you want to ask for.

Social Networking is a very valuable marketing strategy .To fully benefit from this or any type of marketing strategy it is good to test the waters first if this is your cup of tea. If you’ve chosen to stay, then maximize it to its fullest potential to create as well as establish relationships.


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