5 Minute Stress Management Relief Tips

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Feeling stressed that your online business and/or brick-and-mortar store operations are not churning out the profits you envisioned? Destressing will not only contribute to your health but also enable you to think more clearly and map out a better plan that’ll turbo charge your business. Here are the following 5 Minute Stress Management Relief:

1. Do not leave your office to ease stress.  Right in your own desk, you can relax a bit, listen to soothing music through your mobile phone or iPod while visualizing yourself on a vacation in an idyllic island (or other happy thoughts), and then do a few stretching exercises. You can also learn certain techniques that can ease tension, like progressive muscle relaxation.

Squeezing in even a quick five-minute exercise can increase blood flow to the brain and release feel-good hormones or endorphins. Apart from stretching exercises, try walking around for 30 minutes and make it a daily habit. Park at a distance from your office and walk.

2. Another effective way to lessen your stress is to fix your mess.  Organize both your hard files and soft files in the computer. The body tends to react to clutter in a similar way it addresses stressful circumstances, which is by triggering the release of the hormone cortisol, which raises blood pressure and suppresses the immune system. Organizing files, improving the look and user-friendliness of your website, and delegating certain tasks are some of the ways that a start-up online entrepreneur or business owner can prevent disarray and stress from creeping in.

3. When some people are under stress, the instinctive move may be to reach out for comfort foods. Strive to go for healthier alternatives, like fruits or a salad drizzled with light olive oil dressing.

4. Identify your stress triggers, too, with a healthcare professional’s help. If it’s your work that’s stressing you out big time, like if you cannot seem to drive the desired traffic to your website (much less convert visitors to purchasers) think of a strategy to improve.

5. People have varying ways to ease stress. The full benefits of exercise can be achieved through a sustained exercise. An example is yoga. Nonetheless, a simple five-minute stress management technique can offer some relief. A five-minute meditation, for instance, can work wonders in calming the mind. So can simple breathing exercises and maintaining a positive attitude and getting a good laugh. Surrounding yourself with positive-thinking people, rather than individuals who drain your energy with their rantings, can also lessen stress.


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