Hey you,

Are you struggling to create a business and make the money you want(or maybe you’re making bank but zippo profit) without burning out or working way too hard?

Do you wake up with the 2am sweats of
– “I don’t have enough clients”
– “I cant do this anymore”
– “I am too tired”
– “I want my life back”
– “I want to spend time with my kids”

Have you followed all the “formulas” yet, it still doesn’t work? You do the work, you made the investments in yourself and it did not work? or maybe it kinda did, but it took you so far from yourself + what you really want + value that you’re not even sure how to find your way back to YOU? 

Are you maybe, just maybe working in the wrong biz model, with clients you don’t really love, or maybe you love them, but what you’re doing with them doesn’t really light you up anymore?

Or maybe, just maybe it’s that your biz model is just not aligned with who you are and the lifestyle you want to create but you’re kinda scared to sink the ship.

Failure is not an option, there is no plan B,  you are totally coachable and you love money and helping others but shit, this is seriously hard to make it work. 

You never really quite fit in, you are on a mission to be fulfilled + share your gifts with the world, shit, you want to change the world with your ideas + work but you kinda feel stuck?

Well, my friend, you are totally in the right place, I got your back, you don’t have to do this alone anymore!

My mission and purpose are to guide you to that roadmap and give you the business and life tools to help you succeed.  

  • Isn’t it time you let go of the struggle?
  • Isn’t it time to listen to yourself and stopped listening to all the “gurus”?
  • Isn’t it time you trusted yourself?
  • Isn’t it time for you to have your dream life supported by a business you love?

I can help guide you to see where your thoughts, past patterns, and past have been holding you hostage in your business and your life and help guide you to the answers within.

I can help to support you in aligning your thoughts, energy, and action towards what you truly desire (not what you tell yourself you can have).

After we do that, your message becomes clear, who you want to serve becomes clear, your business model becomes clear and you have the confidence and power from within to actually go for it.

I don’t make any guarantees as this is totally based on you, I am merely the guide supporting you along the way to the answers within and then helping to guide you to the aligned strategies to get you there based on my business and life experience. 

Now, with that said, I will say that the clients that choose to engage and show up during our coaching do get amazing results and usually end up “working” a fraction of the time, find their true passions and purpose, align with amazing opportunities and make a darn good living and having lots of fun in the process! 

Essentially what happens when I guide clients through my process is you learn to trust yourself, love yourself and accept all of yourself, and I also give you the business tools too since I enjoy it and is where one of my expertise lies. 🙂 

Some benefits of working with me are clarity, self-love, healing, confidence, security in themselves, make money they deserve, find their true passion and purpose, acceptance of self, releasing of doubt and fear, a solid foundation for profitable business + fulfillment.

I highly encourage you to check out what some of my past clients have said about working with me here.

If this sounds like you and this is something you would like to do, I invite you to reach out here, it would be my honor to support you!

Love and blessings, xox, Kim

Get to Know me

I Believe

I believe that there is a higher power that we cannot see but we see it every day. I believe in miracles, and second chances, and that there is always a choice, it may not be an easy choice or an easy road but there is always a choice.

I believe that no matter how many times you fall you can get back up and try again.

I believe there really isn’t anything but being and doing, trying, doesn’t really exist, you either are doing or being or you’re not. I believe that when you know better you do better.

When you believe in yourself all things are possible. That we don’t have to do it alone, that we are not meant to do it alone. I believe that we can collaborate and help each other and lift each other up and we don’t have to be the sum of past.

I believe that we can rise above it all, the pain, the hardship, the discomfort, I believe that there is a higher purpose to all that pain.

I believe that with Source on our side we can do anything we put our minds to. I believe that our heart is the master of our minds, and not the other way around.

I believe that you can make your own path, I believe that it’s never too late to dream bigger.

Giving Back

Fewer things are nearer and dearer to my heart than the abuse suffered from kids, which is why I am a proud founding member of Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund, in addition, I also donate on a regular basis from sales in my business.  Did you know that in the US alone, each year more than 500,000 children suffer from serious neglect each year, more than 100,000 children are beaten or physically abused, and 68,000 children are raped or sexually abused?   One in 5 girls is sexually abused before they are 18 years old. And experts say these figures reflect under-reporting. All abuse is wrong – whether emotional, verbal, physical or sexual. This is a big problem that demands a big voice.   

With an ACE Score of 10, I know first hand how important this cause is and it is my mission to help these kids through my business.


Long Bio

In 2006 I started my first internet business, My Plus Lingerie, it was a success, I was on the first page of Google, I put my heart and soul into that business, set up automated shipping for the drop shippers and for the most part the business was hands off.

I have to admit, it was pretty darn cool, it was the first biz I created on my own and it was super fun! Of course, I couldn’t get enough and was creating businesses and selling them like crazy. ? Based on that success and people asking me within a few months I had started consulting with other business owners helping them to create their own online businesses as well, it was a mix of consulting and hands on approach.

In 2008 a few months after welcoming my first child, Kyle, now, 8 years old into the world and was juggling running the lingerie business, consulting with clients (for way too little money, lol) and being a mom and wife. I decided I had to ditch something and sold the lingerie business to 2 real estate investors that lived in upstate NY. I have to admit, it was pretty darn cool, they knew nothing about an internet business, knew nothing about lingerie but because I had documented everything I did, systematized and streamlined the business they were able to take it over easy peasy.

The folks I sold my business to hired me as a consultant to a few months to create training videos and train their staff and they were off and running in their new business venture. For a while I continued doing business consulting, building and marketing websites, attending training and learning more and more about personal development.

As the years went on I worked with dozens of entrepreneurs to help them turn their ideas into thriving businesses but I still wasn’t charging what I was worth. I worked with some big guns (too bad I was green and signed all sorts of non-disclosures so I can’t tell you who they are, lol) but hey, you live and you learn, right. ? and helped them to create multi-6 & 7 figure leveraged online businesses.

By the time I was pregnant with baby # 2, I started to wake up more and more to this idea, especially since hubby still couldn’t find a JOB. It was slim pickings in NY at this time and I was grateful for the work I had.  20 weeks into the pregnancy and I knew something was wrong, I was devastated and heartbroken when we lost the baby. I threw myself back into my work and discovered the term Online Business Manager.

During this time I became pregnant again, and things began to shift, it was a tough pregnancy, you name the complication and I had it. I was on bed rest most of the pregnancy and was going for ultrasounds almost weekly. During this time my hubby was laid off again and it was time to kick things into high gear.

While on bed rest and in between clients I began to deepen my education and began working with my first official coach, I also became certified as an Online Business Manager, and from time to time get the honor or serving on the committee that certifies new OBM’s when my schedule allows. I have to admit, I am a tough cookie though. Shortly after my daughter, Summer Lyn, was born, now almost 4, man does time fly by!

Less than a year later I hired my first high-end coach, as in 50K for 6 months, damn, but it was an investment I was willing to make, it didn’t come easy but it was certainly worth it.

I remember eating spaghetti from a plate resting on my lap while I sat on the edge of the bed in a crummy motel room on Thanksgiving 2012. My husband, John sat beside me, and my two children Kyle, age four and Summer, who just had turned one, perched on folding chairs shared their meals at a small table. We had arrived. About a week earlier, we left the only home any of us had ever known in New York.

A result of a quick decision I’d made to escape. I was scared for my life. Years earlier, we had purchased our home with cash borrowed from my mother and stepfather, who lived nearby. My stepfather was abusive. I knew that when he felt out of control of a situation and felt threatened, he was capable of terrible things. I was abused as a child and adult through rape, molestation, physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse barely escaping my adulthood from my childhood home with my life that had been threatened numerous times.

Looking back, it’s easy to wonder why I would have stayed for another nine years. But I didn’t know anything different. My biological father had been molesting me for years, he tried to rape me at age 9 and then tried to kill me a few months later. I came from a long line of abuse within my family. The whole time everything was happening, all I could think of was if I tolerated the abuse from my stepfather, my mom and my brothers and sisters would still have a place to live and food on the table. I had kept any recognition of the seriousness of my situation out of my awareness for years.

When I was pregnant with Kyle, I went to a therapist who helped me unravel some of my past and recommended I “move away from these people and leave the state.” I didn’t. I didn’t leave until after I met with my business mentor for a VIP day and he was able to help me see, finally, that for my own good and the good of my children, I needed to get out immediately. Then, he said something I thought was very odd at first. “I’ve coached a lot of people, Kim. This is a lot for one person to go through. This is your greatest gift.” “Okay, so show me what the gift is, so I can open it up.” “I can’t show you. This is how you will set yourself free to do whatever you want and have whatever you want in life. This is it. This will give you everything you want.”

I didn’t know what to do with what he said, but I trusted his words. I went home and told my husband, “We’ve got to leave.” At 11:30 am the next morning, with nothing—no job for John, my business that made only $1500 per month, we left. We had no place to live, nothing. With no warning or plans, we just up and left. Twenty-four hours after my meeting with my coach, we left with nothing in place— no job, no place to live, less than $500 bucks in the bank, not knowing where we were going, except Texas. I don’t know why except it was warm and far away from the dysfunctional environment.

All I knew was if I didn’t leave right then, I might never be able to leave. I might be killed, and then how would I protect my kids? Once we first arrived in Dallas; we had to become more resourceful than ever before.

We had left our home, John’s car, all of our belongings except whatever we could fit in the minivan. John and I were both scared and even though John he had known about the abuse, he too had grown up in a dysfunctional environment and did not fully comprehend how critical the situation really was. He came with me to keep our family together, and because he saw the vision with me. We wanted more out of life, we wanted to be, do, and have more.

Back then, I felt like I needed to hide how scared I was from John or I feared he might turn around and go back to NY. He had left his job but had not quite, not yet. When we left, he had called in sick to work, then it was the weekend, and by Monday, he still was not ready to quit, so we decided to call his work and let them know he was taking a leave of absence. He had given himself to the 10th of December (roughly 20 days after arriving in a strange city, knowing no one and having no place to live) to find a job or he was going back to New York.

We had a tough few weeks, we tried like crazy to get aid or any kind of help from anyone we could, government authorities, churches, etc., etc., but we were on our own. I knew I had to hold strong and firm and keep myself together so that he wouldn’t know I too was scared out of my mind. What if we could not do this? What if we were not resourceful enough, what if we made a mistake, were things really that bad in New York? If we went back now nobody would know we were intending on never coming back. But then I remembered, my family was crazy.

Within the first two days after we left New York, they had called us numerous times, sent us crazy text messages, broke into our home back in New York, and called the cops and the fire department. I mean, really crazy stuff. That Thanksgiving night 3 years ago, I was so scared, I sent a distress email to my coach, telling him how scared I was, how I did not know if I could do it… and getting his response back,

“WAKE UP, Kim! Make a decision and don’t look back!” 

And I did, I made a decision right then and there that I was not going back, no matter what. I made a decision to make this work. This is where we were supposed be. This was the life I was going to create for my kids, for my family, for me. I demanded of the universe that this workout had to be away. And we became even more resourceful. John went looking for jobs. We had only one car, no place to live, so we bundled up the kids in the car, loaded the DVD player with a movie, Kyle had his iPad, I threw on my headset and dialed numbers making sales calls and serving clients, and John drove going to place to place to look for a job.

Within in the first month, I had landed my first high-end client, we found a place to live, John flew back to NY to get some belongings and his car and we started our life over again.

Three months after that, I had generated $100k+ in sales and thought I had finally made it!

On the surface, things looked great and on the outside looking in, most everyone I meet was impressed and blown away by the life I was now living. No matter what I did, it was not enough. I was making good money, I was traveling all over the country, I was buying nice things, nice clothes, etc but it did not matter. I was still not happy!

The truth was I burnt out, I could not continue on this path any longer, I started to ignore everything that mattered, everything that I was building this life for. And I started to question, what is this all about? Why am I doing this?

Now, I am not saying that the money is not important and making sales calls is not important but so is living your life. Life is not about arriving at a destination, it’s about the journey getting there. It is never going to be enough, you don’t ever arrive. And that is what I realized, I was living my life yet it was driven by someone else, something else, something outside of me. And the truth was, it did not matter how much I made, it was never enough. I have had 120k months, hell, I have had 120k days but it still wasn’t enough.

I had lost sight of what was important in my life, what mattered and I was trying to fill a void inside of me. I wanted to be loved, I wanted to be accepted and I thought if I can just do this, if I can just make this amount of money, I can get this person’s love, or security, or approval or acceptance, etc. you fill in the blank, the details are not important here. This was not me. What was this all for? I took a hard, long look at my business and my life and I realized I was not living my truth, I was living someone else’s dream and not mine.

Although I was making good money life was not flowing and I was not happy and when the money does not flow like you want it to, that is always a sure sign you are not on the right path. I was not living my inner truth and I was no longer following that inner guidance, once I realized this I knew I needed to take a stand. As I started to stand, really stand, for what I want, what was in my best interest, my higher truth it almost felt like my world was falling apart around me. Or so it appeared on the surface, that is if I wanted to buy into the stories.

Instead, I stood, I let go of and released relationships that were no longer serving me, I let go of clients that were no longer serving me. You know, it’s funny, sometimes when you are standing your whole world appears to fall apart around you but that it happens… that peace, that joy, that inner alignment. I encourage you to stick with it, stand for what you believe in, even if you are the only one standing, it’s worth it! Once you stand for what you know, your inner truth, you are on a path to more abundance and true freedom, isn’t that what we are all after anyway?

What I realized and what you can learn from this is that it does not matter what you have on the outside if on the inside you are not in alignment with what you want and who you are.

You see, I was someone else’s success story, their version of success, yet it was not enough, not for them but for me. I was still trying to fill that void and no matter what I did I just could not fill that hole and be whole….. that was until I found the gift in all of this and I realized that I am meant to lead, I am not meant to follow and as a leader I cannot stand back on the sidelines and listen and do what others tell me to do, now I am not saying I don’t need anyone’s advice, that is not what I mean, what I mean is I now take it under advisement but it no longer gets the final say, I get the final say, I get to decide what it is that do, how I build my life and my business and how I serve.

I now know, this is why I am here, to experience FREEDOM to it’s fullest and help others do the same and change the world in the process through their business. Fast forward 2 years from there, and I sit here at my desk in my home, 2 healthy, happy children, a loving and supportive husband, and a business that supports me earning the money I desire while I get to be there for my kids.

2015 was my most profitable year yet since starting my business back in 2006 and its the least amount I have ever worked. I don’t say that to brag, it’s been a long time coming and it has not always been easy. I drastically cut down the # of hours I work in my biz, only work when the kiddos are in school from 7:50-2:50, (well that was when I was in TX, now I am working Monday/Wednesday/Friday most weeks 9-3) usually about 10 hours a week, sometimes 20 but that no more than that, and often times much less.

It was the 1st year that I truly did not take on a client or launched a program or did any work just for the money, I only worked with clients that I loved, that were fully aligned with me, that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could help(well, this has always been true, but not so much the next part), that I actually wanted to work with them.

This is the first time ever, and this is my 10th year in business (so this did not happen overnight by any means, but that does not mean that it can’t happen quicker, it happens much quicker for my clients, lol, because they get to learn from my mistakes). I am working like a quarter of the time I used to work, according to QuickBooks, I increased my biz income by 71.4 % and profit by 86%  from last year. As I was reflecting and look back on the awesome year (while taking a month off with the kiddos for winter break) I decided, well we decided together, but truth be told, I decided first and then John and I had the conversation, we decided to move back to NY.

When we moved to Dallas, TX 3 years ago taking a huge leap or faith into the unknown and really walking into trusting, letting go, shedding and coming back home to what matters most. And as I was reflecting on the year past in 2015, and then in the journey I made and my family made over the 3 years since we moved from NY to TX it was so eye-opening to take it all in. I am grateful for all the experiences that lead me to TX, it was scary, and fun, and scary, yes, I said that twice because it was, we seriously stepped into faith and trust and rediscovering who we were, who I was, we were as a family, why I was really here and what this was all about.

After 3 years, that journey was complete, it was time to come back home, NY has always been home, and it always will be, and now that I had rediscovered this strength, learned to trust myself, and find out what I was made of and I got to do that with John too, it was time. Truth be told now that we are back home, I had no idea how much I missed it, but all of it was so necessary, and I wouldn’t change any of it. I am here now, sitting  my office in NY, writing to you, and I feel alive, I feel a sense of freedom, a sense of knowing that no matter what, no matter what may come my way, I am strong enough, I am good enough, I am wise enough, I am enough and I can do it.

My relationship with John and my two kids, Kyle and Summer have never been stronger, and have grown deeper and we have fallen even more in love with each other because I found myself, I didn’t even know I was lost (although, as I type this, I realize I did know, it was what I was searching for, I just didn’t realize it was inside of me all this time), go figure, right under my nose, it’s funny, I heard the saying a million times before, what you want is as close to you as your breath, it’s just you cannot see it.

Now I know, and I know that I know, which is actually what matters, because you can know something and not know that you know and it makes no impact on you, it makes no difference. But when you know that you know, you become unstoppable. I finally know that I know, that I can have and be and do anything that my heart truly desires, and that I do matter, and that my message matters, and that it all for something, and it is worth it, to know yourself, to trust yourself, to do the scary things you don’t think you can do but somehow, you seem to pull through them, when you think you can’t take anymore and then you make it through to the other side. Yeah that. It’s all worth it. It’s real, well as real as it can get when you live in a world of illusion.

If you want more FREEDOM in your life and business I want to hear from you. Here’s the deal though, it’s gotta be FUN! I am all about fun and I realized that one of the things that has been missing around here is fun and well, me. So let’s have some fun!


Real Results


“…The first month I worked with Kim I quadrupled my income! She’s warm, caring, brilliant and fun to work with. Sometimes it just takes a small tweak in what you’re doing to make a big change in the bottom line, which is exactly what was the case for me. Thanks Kim!”


“…3 months in, I  tripled my income! …My entire life has transformed because of the work I have done with Kim. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She keeps me moving forward and always thinking positive. She has helped me finally realize, that I am NOT my past. And I am so happy to know, feel and believe that!…”

Ann Strout

So… How Can I Help Support YOU?