Would you like to streamline and simplify your business operations to free up more of your time and brainpower, and to clear the decks for more income—in short, to work less and be less exhausted, while making more money and profit! because bringing in the money isn’t really fun when the majority of it flies out the door just as fast if not faster than you created it! I know, I’ve been there, don’t that and got the t-shirt, it’s no fun!

This whole business owner thing is not for the faint of heart, there is a reason why most businesses fail!

While the road to burnout doesn’t look the same for everyone on it there are some similarities you typically experience on this path!  

  • You’re always in the weeds of your business
  • You don’t have efficient systems and processes (or maybe none at all)
  • You aren’t delegating effectively
  • You can’t take time off
  • You’re trying to do too many things at once + wearing all the hats

It’s exhausting just thinking about it! But there’s a way off the hamster wheel!

If you’re overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out, and worried that if you take time off the bottom will fall out from beneath you and your business will fall apart. 

Then, you are in the right place my friend, been there, done that, got the tee-shirt and I’d love to support you in ending the cycle!

I highly encourage you to check out what some of my past clients have said about working with me here.

If this sounds like you and this is something you would like to do, I invite you to check out the programs I offer here, it would be my honor to support you!

I help entrepreneurs to realign their business and life with their true inner desires so that they can experience freedom on their terms and abundance in their life. By realigning their business, mindset, and strategy entrepreneurs can stop the hamster wheel and create a business and life they truly desire. My signature Rock Your Limits systems include the foundational systems of marketing, sales, mindset, business systems, and strategy that free you to soar!

Love and blessings, xox, Kim

Get to Know me

If for some reason the videos don’t show, you can check them out here 


I Believe

I believe that there is a higher power that we cannot see but we see it every day. I believe in miracles, and second chances, and that there is always a choice, it may not be an easy choice or an easy road but there is always a choice.

I believe that no matter how many times you fall you can get back up and try again.

I believe there really isn’t anything but being and doing, trying, doesn’t really exist, you either are doing or being or you’re not. I believe that when you know better you do better.

When you believe in yourself all things are possible. That we don’t have to do it alone, that we are not meant to do it alone. I believe that we can collaborate and help each other and lift each other up and we don’t have to be the sum of past.

I believe that we can rise above it all, the pain, the hardship, the discomfort, I believe that there is a higher purpose to all that pain.

I believe that with Source on our side we can do anything we put our minds to. I believe that our heart is the master of our minds, and not the other way around.

I believe that you can make your own path, I believe that it’s never too late to dream bigger.

Giving Back

Fewer things are nearer and dearer to my heart than the abuse suffered from kids, which is why I am a proud founding member of Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund, in addition, I also donate on a regular basis from sales in my business.  Did you know that in the US alone, each year more than 500,000 children suffer from serious neglect each year, more than 100,000 children are beaten or physically abused, and 68,000 children are raped or sexually abused?   One in 5 girls is sexually abused before they are 18 years old. And experts say these figures reflect under-reporting. All abuse is wrong – whether emotional, verbal, physical or sexual. This is a big problem that demands a big voice.   

With an ACE Score of 10, I know first hand how important this cause is and it is my mission to help these kids through my business.


Who I am – Why Listen to Me?

Hey there, I am Kim Beckers, and I am known as the Rock Your Limits Mentor and Business maverick. I have the honor of working with change-making entrepreneurs around the world to help them multiply their profits,  maximize their impact and realize more freedom by helping them find the hidden treasure being lost in their businesses and bust through their limitations. 

The sad statistic is that every year more than 23% of businesses fail, man that just breaks my heart and one of the biggest reasons is due to money leaks.

Here’s the thing, no matter what level you are at in your business, whether you are earning less than 100k or are rocking a multi-7-figure business you literally have money falling through the cracks between in your systems and business structures.

How do I know this? well, let’s just I have been around business since before I could drive, I have been around the block a few times and I absolutely love business and have a knack for what’s working and what’s not working.

I can help you, just like I have helped hundreds of other biz owners to identify and plug the money leaks in your biz so you can build a strategic and sustainable business foundation.

I have worked with some of the top “gurus” in the internet marketing and personal development arena (yes, they are so secret I can’t tell you their names due to confidentiality) online as well as offline businesses like high-end construction firms in the prestige NYC (I am originally from New York, yep, I am New Yorker at heart).

I am loveable but I can also be a pistol when it comes right down to it, it’s one of the things my clients love about me, tough girl exterior with a big heart, its one of the reasons why my clients are so successful, the right blend of kick-ass and heart.

Hey, I am into energy healing too, in fact, I am certified in Heart 2 Heart, I believe in magic!

So, here’s the deal, like I said, I have been around business practically my whole life, put myself through college (well some of it, a girl has got to have some fun too) being a bookkeeper for all things a Cemetery. I got to work to have more work regularly audited by CPA, which kept my skills sharp and on target.

I first learned bookkeeping my helping my step-dad, he’s a CPA, working part-time (shh, don’t tell anyone, I had to work for free since I wasn’t old enough to get paid yet) and got to be around lots of different businesses and learn lots of cool things. It also taught be that you really need to love what you are doing, or it just doesn’t work.

I went to college for, well, awhile, I have a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, a minor in accounting and business, oh and I studied Physical Therapy too. Not to mention online marketing and personal development, oh yeah of course mindset + spirituality as well as energy healing modalities! Can you say, overachiever?

During college I discovered that I loved the web and websites, that was back in the day of dial-up, “You got mail”. I graduated right after 911 and it was slim pickings in the technology world so I put my bookkeeping hat back on and went to work for a website and marketing advisory firm right outside of NYC. Man, that commute sucked but I gained so much experience and knowledge it was worth it. Within a few weeks, I had made my way into the marketing and web development side of the business and was loving putting my tech and marketing skills to work.

After awhile the commute was just too much for me to handle and I moved on, plus, I was newly married, to my amazing hubby, John and we were having too much fun going to football games, concerts and hanging with friends that the commute was a bummer for our personal life.

I found an awesome job for one of the top fireworks companies (Fireworks by Grucci) You probably heard of them, if not I am sure you have seen their work, think Times Square on New Years, in my own back yard. Bam, that was a cool gig but it didn’t last long as I enjoyed my summers way too much (after all I lived on Long Island for crying out loud) and those busy seasons in the summer just didn’t cut it. A girl has got to enjoy some boating and beach time, we just bought a house, just a 5-minute walk from the beach and it was pretty important for us to be able to enjoy that!

I took some time off to help take care of some sick elders in the family and then it was off to work for one of many high-end multimillion-dollar commercial construction companies out on Long Island that primarily serviced NYC and The Hampton’s I did that for about 5 years, it was fun and a lot of work. I got work hand and hand with the business owners, CFO, CPA’s contractors, you name it I did it.  I helped to streamline processes and procedures, hiring and project management as well as business development for the firm.I learned so much about business and marketing and systems it was uncanny.

One of my favorite things was finding the “hidden” money or money leaks in the business, and trust me there were a lot of them, from employees clocking in at wrong times, missing job materials, vendor overpayments, missing subcontractors. It was kinda cool because I got really good and find the money leaks, and plugging the leaks with the right systems and procedures and checks and balances.

I even got to be involved with the business development side with marketing funnels, portfolios and the works. It was pretty fun!

During that time I was quietly working in the background to create my own business, I wanted freedom baby, and I was fiercely educating myself with the top internet marketing seminars and training and it paid off. Within the first couple of months of starting my first internet business, My Plus Lingerie, it was a success, I was on the first page of Google.

I have to admit, it was pretty darn cool, it was the first biz I created on my own and it was super fun! Of course, I couldn’t get enough and was creating businesses and selling them like crazy. 😉

Eventually, I decided to leave the construction companies and officially hung my shingle out as a consultant. I had been helping other biz owners in niche forums for several months to create businesses and someone finally said, you know, you can charge for this stuff, wow, what a novel idea and Kim Beckers Services was born.

In 2006 a few months after welcoming my first child, Kyle, and was juggling running the lingerie business, consulting with clients (for way too little money, lol) and being a mom and wife. I decided I had to ditch something and sold the lingerie business to 2 real estate investors that lived in upstate NY.

I have to admit, it was pretty darn cool, they knew nothing about internet business, knew nothing about lingerie but because I had documented everything I did, systematized and streamlined the business they were able to take it over easy peasy. They hired me as a consultant to a few months to create training videos and train their staff and they were off and running in their new business venture.

For a while I continued doing business consulting, building and marketing websites, attending training and learning more and more about personal development. As the years went on I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them turn their ideas into thriving businesses but I still wasn’t charging what I was worth. I worked with some big guns (too bad I was green and signed all sorts of non-disclosures) but hey, you live and you learn, right. 🙂 and helped them to create multi-6 & 7 figure leveraged online businesses.

By the time I was pregnant with baby # 2, I started to wake up more and more to this idea, especially since hubby still couldn’t find a JOB. It was slim pickings in NY at this time and I was grateful for the work I had.  20 weeks into the pregnancy and I knew something was wrong, I was devastated and heartbroken when we lost the baby. I threw myself back into my work and discovered the term Online business Manager.

During this time I became pregnant again, and things began to shift, it was a tough pregnancy, you name the complication and I had it. I was on bed rest most of the pregnancy and was going for ultrasounds almost weekly. During this time my hubby was laid off again and it was time to kick things into high gear.

While on bed rest and in between clients I began to deepen my education and began working with my first official coach, I also became certified as an Online Business Manager, and from time to time get the honor or serving on the committee that certifies new OBM’s when my schedule allows. I have to admit, I am a tough cookie though.

Shortly after my daughter, Summer Lyn. Less than a year later I hired my first high-end coach, as in 100K for 1 year, damn, but it was an investment I was willing to make, it didn’t come easy but it was certainly worth it. Within the first month of working with him, I more than quadrupled my income and up-leveled my services to my clients and my clients was getting amazing results.

Shortly after that, I became aware of some toxic relationships in my life and hubby and my two kiddos moved more than 2000 miles across the country to start our lives over. With kids in toe and less than $500 in our savings account, no JOB, no home, only what could fit in our minivan we made the trek across the country, only knowing that Dallas, TX was calling our name.

It was an interesting journey, sleeping in hotels, learning about ourselves, where we stop, what fears get in the way, what it takes to start over. Happily within less the 4 months I created a multi-6-figure business serving amazing clients, helping them to create streamlined, well-oiled machine businesses in align with their lifestyle and goals and making sure their team was functioning at full capacity.

At one point I even had a team of peeps working for me, I got to strategize and help find the money leaks and my team fixed the leaks and did the implementation.

Ultimately, I discovered that a multi-team business was not in alignment with the lifestyle I wanted or how I wanted to best serve my clients, I think it’s important for my clients to be empowered about what it takes to run their business and being a part of that process and training and integrating their own team was the way to go. I got to do what I love with the strategy and finding the money leaks and the business owner gets to be empowered and has a well-oiled machine of a business that truly serves them, its really a win-win.

I even get to help build out marketing and sales funnels which is pretty cool because I find lots of times the gaps in clients’ business are in this area, and of course, the operations side but it’s pretty cool because I get to combine all my talents and experience together.

My business has evolved and changed as much as I have and continues to on a regular basis and I have the honor to serve some amazing clients who are on a mission to change the world, just like me, to create sustainable legacy style businesses that run like well-oiled machines and I get to train others to do the same with my DIY (Do it your self) trainings. I really enjoy serving OBM’s and VA’s and other support professionals to help support kick butt entrepreneurs like you and this is an awesome way for me to do that, again, win-win. 🙂

When I am not helping entrepreneurs and companies to grow their business I enjoy spending time meditating, reading, listening to music (mostly Rock n Roll) and hanging with my two kiddos, Kyle and Summer and amazingly supportive hubby, John (it’s not easy being married to a creative serial entrepreneur) 🙂

If you are ready to get out of working in your business and put your business to work for you then I’d love to see how I can support you with connecting the dots between your business systems, structures and marketing so that you can optimize your profits, multiply your impact and realize more freedom.

But be for warned, I take a no BS approach to business and do what it takes to get sh*t done and I expect the same level of commitment from my clients too.

Love and blessings,

xox, Kim


Real Results


“…The first month I worked with Kim I quadrupled my income! She’s warm, caring, brilliant and fun to work with. Sometimes it just takes a small tweak in what you’re doing to make a big change in the bottom line, which is exactly what was the case for me. Thanks Kim!”


“…3 months in, I  tripled my income! …My entire life has transformed because of the work I have done with Kim. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She keeps me moving forward and always thinking positive. She has helped me finally realize, that I am NOT my past. And I am so happy to know, feel and believe that!…”

Ann Strout

So… How Can I Help Support YOU?