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positive affirmations to improve your mindset

affirmation - i am abundant   affirmation - i am guided by spirit   affirmation - I am enough exactly as I am   Affirmation - I am deserving
Affirmation - I am committed to helping others get what they want   affirmation - I easily take aligned action to my vision and dreams   affirmation - I possess the qualities needed to be extremley successful   affirmation - time and money love me and are on my side
affirmations - I can have everything I desire now   affirmation - I am worthy because I am   affirmation - I am resilitent + persistent   affirmation - My potential to succeed is infinite
affirmation - I condition my thoughts and actions for success   affirmation - life loves me and I love life   affirmation - I write my goals and I achieve them   affirmation - I have what it takes to live my dreams

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positive affirmations to improve your mindsetThe Law of Attractions works with like attracts like, which means you need to get your butt into alignment with the affirmation, not simply state it but feel it.

As I said, I love to do these in the mirror and really connect with my soul and feel it inside my body. 

I also find it super helpful to have the audio spoken into your mind and then repeat that affirmation out loud, it is a very powerful combination to using affirmations. 

I invite you to check out my Prosperity Accelerator audio where you’ll do just that with some amazing affirmations. 

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