An OBM’s Typical Background

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Online Business Management may be a new industry but it is growing bigger and bigger each and every day. Even so, there are still business owners who are wary of jumping into hiring an Online Business Manager for fear that it will only add to expenses as opposed to their business growth. If you are one of those business owners, read on to find out an OBM’s typical background and perhaps you’ll have a change of heart.

Business-growth professionals have started leaving their original professions and are now entering the OBM industry. Some of those who have entered this fast-growing industry are those with strong professional experiences in business, project, and administrative management. Administrative professionals are also starting to mold into OBMs.

Former Virtual Assistants have also stepped into OBM’s roles as well. This is just natural – OBMs are known to possess many, if not all, of the critical virtual assistant hard skills for growing a business. What are these skills? They are:

1. Customer Service
2. Traffic Generation
3. Audio Product Skills
4. Written Product Skills
5. Blogging Skills
6. Ezine Publishing
7. Online Research
8. Website Management
9. Shopping Cart
10. Marketing Mindset

On top of that, OBMs also have soft skills that are needed to keep a business attractive. Amongst these are process thinking, creativity, plus organizational and leadership skills.

With all these qualifications, don’t you now think it’s time to hire yourself an OBM? Click Here to Contact me today for a FREE consultation!


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