Are you afraid to feel the “negative”?

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FeelTheNegativeDuring this journey to self discovery and having a business that truly supports me and the lifestyle that I want to create, I have found that it is essential to put all of you in your business. If you truly want to transform your life through your business and use it as a tool to get what you want then you need to actually embrace all of you.


Over the past several years I have worked lots of clients, who, like I once was, and truth be told, sometimes still am, are afraid of feeling these “negative” thoughts. At this point in the game, I think we all realize that as Mike Dooley simply said “thoughts become things, choose the good ones” and while that is absolutely true, I feel like it has caused many of us to try and stuff down these “negative” thoughts.


I know for myself, once I got this concept of thoughts become things, I was terrified to actually feel anything that I did not want. If I had a feeling come up that was “negative” such as fear, from doing something I have never done before, there was a big part of me that was actually scared to embrace the fear, to feel it, because if I did, it would attract another “negative” thought, after all, that’s how it works, right? And yes, that is how it works.


However, what I have discovered to be true for me and the many clients that I work with is that that fear of not wanting to feel that “negative” thought, or feeling actually keeps us creating more of what we do not want. You see, when you do not express the emotion, and the thought for what it is, you are actually creating it without realizing that you are, it is happening in the shadow.


The problem with it happening in the shadow is that you are powerless to change it, because you took it out of your awareness, and it has not yet been fully felt or expressed, so your subconscious is actually going out and expressing that thought in your energy field and creating from the place of fear, or doubt, or whatever emotion you did not feel because you tried to stuff it down, and you get more of what you don’t want and you can’t figure out why that is happening.


So, instead of stuffing down those feelings and trying to push away those “negative” thoughts, feel them, embrace them, allow them to pass through your bodies, emotional, physical, mental, energetic, allow yourself to feel it and be done with it. I know, I tried for many years to try and push it away, the fear, the worry, the doubt, thinking, one day when I make it I won’t have to deal with this anymore.
Then, I would get sideswiped by the feeling, the thought, the circumstance that my subconscious created that I was not aware of and bam the cycle would repeat again. News flash – the fear, worry, doubt never goes away, as one my mentors once told me, new level, new devil. It’s always there, you just learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable, but being under the false illusion that it will go away, that doesn’t serve you, because we are human, we live in duality, there will always be these “negative” emotions, the trick so to be in control of the emotions instead of them being in control of you. Every day, every moment you have a choice to feel what you want, but you can’t feel what you want by ignoring what you are feeling, instead embrace it, use it, find your power in it and create what you want despite it.

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Much love,
xox, Kim



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