Are You Choosing Love or Fear?

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Are YOu Choosing Love 0r Fear_Every day, every moment we have a choice. It’s our greatest gift and our greatest power as well.

But, where are you making those choices from? From fear or love?

When we make a choice from fear or worry or doubt, or obligation or any other lower energy we are creating from that same place. You see, everything is energy, so, if everything is energy, if we are making a choice from this lower energy, it cannot exist in the same place as the highest energy, which of course is love.

Think about it, when was the last time you did something (ie. made a choice out of obligation) to do something, how did it end? Likely, you ended up resentful and frustrated instead of happy and joyful.


Now, what happens when you make a choice in a different energy, of love? What did that create? More love and joy is my guess, and the more choices you make from this energy the more of it you will receive.


Many times I speak to entrepreneurs who are working really, really hard in their business, and they are struggling, when we look at the choices that they are making to market their business, they are doing things out of obligation or because they are supposed to, or because that’s what someone else told them to do! And then they wonder why they are struggling, and are frustrated, and not getting the results they really want.

No judgment here, I used to do this too, and sometimes still do. It’s easy to get caught up in bright shiny object syndrome, to look to see what others are doing to have success, and try to replicate it for ourselves, but if you want to truly create a business on purpose and in alignment with you, you gotta stop doing that because the truth is you will never be happy. And, if you make choices and take actions in your business or your life from obligation or fear or whatever lower energy you want to substitute you will end with more of the same.

So, look within  yourself, honor yourself, and your own path, and choose love, choose you.


And. if you’d like some help navigating this on your own, reach out to me here, and check out my new live workshop, where I am going to show you how to tune into your own intuition and do your own intuitive marketing so that you too can create on purpose and in alignment with you.

Talk soon,

xo, Kim


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