Are You Creating a Job or a Business?

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money_time_value_red_dice_400_clrA job is different from a business. When you have a job, you are helping somebody else make money for himself. When you have a business, you will make money to pay people helping you make money. People want to indulge in business to have freedom. The sad reality is there are business owners who actually treat their business as a job. If you are creating a business, it can run without you. Your business is a job if it cannot function without you.

If you wish to create a business rather than a job, you should first create a powerful company culture. You can do this by establishing the core purpose of your company and then believing in it. You also have to find people who believe in the purpose. Never work with people who do not believe in the objective of your company. If you want a powerful culture within your company, work with the right people.

The next thing you should do to create a business rather than a job is to develop processes and systems permitting your business to operate even if you are absent. If you do not want to have your business as a job, work with employees who run to you for company problems. Do not dictate what to do but train your people to find out the cause of such problems and then look for a system to produce solutions in the future that do not necessitate your involvement. Make sure to document this system so that you can use it to train your personnel. In short, train your people for them to run your company.

To create a business and not a job, do something to make the market go to you instead of letting your people do all the selling. To make customers come to you, treat them right and be with them if they need your presence.  Make sure to stick to your promises and then finish what you begin. Always say thank you and please to your customers as they appreciate gestures of politeness. All these will let your customers market your business for you to their own friends.

Have a strategic plan for your business and do use it. To make use of your plan instead of ignoring it, your priorities must be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities.

In summary, to create a business rather than a job, you need to have the right people whom you will train, put up a system, be nice to customers to continuously earn profit and have a strategic plan which will guide you every day.



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