Are You Following this rule to make money with ease?

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ARe You Following this _rule_ to createLast week we spoke about who you are being in your biz and how to stop trying to damn hard and actually allow yourself to be instead of actually doing “whatever” it takes. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Anyway, it seemed to have struck a nerve as I received some really great feedback from you and so I thought I would continue with that theme.

I speak with biz owners all the time that are not yet making the money they desire, whether its creating their first $10k month, or $50k month or beyond the theme is they are not making the money they desire, they want more. And there is a common misconception that in order to make more you need to work harder, actually, I have found that not to be true, and I encourage you to shift your paradigm on this. The truth is that, the more money you make the easier it is, well, that’s actually only true if you follow this one rule.

That rule is listening, or meditation, or whatever you want to call it, to you, to your Divine inspirations that is, you see, its actually pretty easy to make money when you tune into  yourself, and allow the Divine guidance to come through you. But, there’s a catch, you gotta follow this one rule, you gotta listen and what I find is that many of us are actually scared of the silence, we don’t know what to do with it, we don’t know how to “be” in the silence, so we fill our lives and business up with lots of to-do’s, oh, don’t get me wrong, they are all logical and very satisfying to our egos, but this will never create the success that we are looking for. In fact, it actually creates a whole bunch of work, and clutter and we can’t hear the Divine inspiration.

So, for the next 3 days, I am going to challenge you to STOP doing so much again, doing whatever it takes, and start to enjoy the silence, embrace the silence, build it into your schedule, it can be for as little as 5 minutes, but it needs to be 5 minutes of focused time with the intention to receive Divine inspiration.

When you do that, when you allow yourself to embrace the silence, to go within, to let go of the chaos, and all the things you need to do, it opens up the opportunity for you to be guided to the fastest and most beautiful way to create money in your business.

Of course, you actually have to take action, otherwise nothing happens, but what I am suggesting is that you take inspired action, instead of just doing because that’s what someone else is doing, and doing what you are inspired to do.

Will you try it out for me? over the next 3 days at least and report back? I’d love for you to share your results below.

And, if you’d like to support in navigating this for yourself, and finding those answers within in order to grow a thriving and profitable business then I encourage you to check out Rock Your Power! It’s a 10 day deep dive that will help you put an end to self-sabotage and get out of your own way! You can learn more here!

Much love,
xox, Kim


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