Are You Following Up on Your Leads Trade Show Leads?

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Trade shows are good ways to increase market awareness about products and services. Trade show participants can use traditional and non-traditional marketing to bring attention to their brands and offerings. Too often, though, participants fail to cash in on the leads they obtain through such events.


Whatever business category you fall under, whether you run a brick-and-mortar retail outlet or an online business (or both), following on leads right after you’ve taken part in a trade show can help promote your products & services and bring in sales.


Make it a point, then, to touch base with potential customers who took some time to fill up forms and give you their business cards during trade exhibitions and shows. Begin by conducting a post-show assessment. A start-up entrepreneur who has just wrapped up a trade show can analyze if he/she met the right people, if the trade show booth attracted enough of the target market, and also what new things/discoveries were made vis-à-vis competitors?


Trade show events are excellent ways to generate publicity. As business owner, your next step may be to contact the attendees and extend the offers you’ve made during the trade show, highlighting the product & service solutions you may have already conveyed.


Trade show statistics show that a large percentage (or up to 80 percent) of all leads are not followed up on by companies that took part in trade exhibits/shows.  Upon closer scrutiny, it turns out that those firms that failed to follow up or let time lapse before realizing they had not taken advantage of trade show leads weren’t able to plan how to maximize their trade show participation.


Sales targets and management activities are usually foremost in company executives and sales people’s minds, especially after being away from the office for several days.  What happens when leads are not followed up a few days after the trade show is that potential customers forget or become unresponsive to the offers made.


What companies ought to do after participating in trade shows is to categorize qualified sales prospects into hot and warm leads. Give a phone call to the most qualified or hottest prospects a week after the trade show, and be ready to provide quotes and answers to queries. Meantime, warm leads may be sent an email, and a phone call thereafter.


Using social media networking sites may also be a good way to touch base with trade show leads. Key company executives or frontline officers must strive to sustain the headway made during trade show events.  When business opportunities knock, the astute business owner or sales people should grab them.


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