Are You In a Sales Blind Spot?

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The biggest hurdle to entrepreneurial success is the Blind Spot because, well, you can’t see it! lol The blind spot, it’s different for each entrepreneur but there is always at least one blind spot the trouble is how to actually see it, because if you knew about it, it would no longer be a blind spot.

I thought I would share some common ways blind spots show up so that you can see if you are in deed in a blind spot. You can also watch the Blind Spot Breakthrough Master class here for FREE, no optin required for a short time. How You Unconsciously Sabotage Your Sales—Over and Over Again!

Okay, so here goes:

Here are some examples of being in a blind spot – the  symptoms

  • You are wearing too many hats, not hiring the right people, inability to delegate, belief that only you know best, inability to hire or fire people, inability to accurately predict the future of your offerings, holding onto offerings that are no longer serving your best and highest good
  • You live in fear that you will be found out, that someone will realize you do not have it all figured out
  • You have 1 or 2 skills that you excel at but you tell yourself you are good at these 1 or 2 things so you must be good at the other hats you need to wear on your business as well
  • You do not see ourselves as we are, we see ourselves as we think we are – Your perception is skewed big time, but everyone else can see it.
  • You do not value our gifts, your greatest assets because we see them as your greatest weaknesses
  • You are in denial  – and the only way to embrace your pre-convinced weaknesses is to dive deep into the abyss of the subconscious mind (more about that later with my special offer)
  • You do not know you are in a blind spot – so you work harder, etc.
  • You are on your 3rd, 4th, 5th business iteration and keep telling yourself this one is going to work!
  • Even though you are in a new business relationship/coach, etc the same thing happens over and over again
  • You still feel like a fraud  no matter how many certifications, testimonials, etc, etc you have
  • You have feelings of loneliness, isolation, angry at everyone, you are pissed off at everyone and everything because you just can’t understand why it hasn’t happened for me yet
  • You work really “hard” for little pay off and believe that in order to make more money you just need to work harder.
  • You are constantly changing niche, your message, your offerings in the hopes that this time it will stick
  • You often feel mad, pissed off at the world all the time but don’t even realize it all the time

Here’s the deal, and this quote sums it up really well:

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”. ~Anais Nin

We do not see ourselves as we are, we see ourselves as we think we are – Our perception is skewed big time, but everyone else can see it.

We do not value our gifts, our greatest assets because we see them as our greatest weaknesses

This is precisely why we are not able to recognize that we are in the blind spot and this is what keeps us stuck in the blind spot.

Are you ready to start seeing yourself as you are rather then the illusion you think you are? It makes all the difference in  your sales, life and business.

I am on a mission to once free myself and others from the fears that are holding them hostage. To help you take the facade down and break down the lies of self perception, that keeps you living a lie because when you live a lie, you can’t have ultimate sustainable success. Once you unlock these fears, heal them and transform them, you can rock your power, make the money you deserve and have the freedom you truly desire.

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