Are You in Control or is Fear Running Your Business?

If you are among those hardworking entrepreneurs who have set up businesses but seem to be overwhelmed by so many challenges, both financial and operational, you may want to reassess how you’re managing things. Fear of the unknown (or an anticipating problem or competition too much) may be what’s preventing you from growing your business.

It may help to take a moment to see if you’re in control of the most important aspects of your business. Perhaps you are handling so many things all at the same time to the point that you’re spreading yourself thin. Or maybe you’ve been preoccupied with overseeing daily operations and addressing customer needs by yourself that you have not really had time to think about building your business.

If you’re a home-based entrepreneur who sells merchandise online, you have the advantage of cost-efficient operations. All you need from the outset are a PC/laptop and good internet connection plus an easy-to navigate website and some online marketing techniques.

If your products & services are of topnotch quality, and you go out of your way to please customers, you may really have nothing to fear. Yet some online entrepreneurs tend to be apprehensive that they may lose customers one way or another. The reasons may range from new & better products being offered by other online entrepreneurs, to not being able to meet customer expectations, to other absurd notions.

To be in control or confident that you’ll meet your set business goals, one of the things you can do is to delegate some tasks. Get some things off your plate to be able to focus on letting your company blaze new heights. If you ventured into a franchising business and operate a coffee store or snack outlet, you may want to enlist the services of a franchising consultant to help you with documentation and to comply with legal requirements.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or online product seller and maintain your own website, you can overcome your fears and apprehensions that that you won’t prosper. How? Do something now.  You need to learn modern ways to bring traffic to your site, for instance. Having a distinct identity and offering promotional items or extra value to customers are good, but you have to ingrain a positive mindset and be in control of your business.

So if you have passion, a good business plan, and the resources to sustain your business, but you’re somewhat hesitant about investing on things like marketing and expansion, ask yourself if fear is the number one factor holding you back. It may be time to overcome it.

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