Are You Living Your Truth?

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mindset-are-you-living-your-truthOn the surface, it seems like a bit of an odd question but when we get right down to it, it really isn’t. I have seen first hand for myself as well as other business owners when they are not aligned with their truth and what they want and the biz and lifestyle they want to create all the marketing tactics in the world don’t make a damn difference.

That’s because, when you get right down to it, whats important, and what matters is if you are creating something, ie. a biz a life that you are truly passionate about, that you want to live, that fulfills you and gives you what you want, that truly lights you up.

From there, from that place, all things are possible, marketing becomes easy, your ideal clients start to show up, your life starts to work again and end up living a joyful and happy life, co-creating with Universe the life you truly desire instead of working your finger to the bone, doing what you are “supposed to do”, “what others say you need to do”, in fact, I challenge you today to break those rules, your rules about what is possible and how it “needs” to be done and connect to that place within, your authentic place and watch the miracles happen. 🙂

All things are possible when you are living in your truth, so naturally, you might be thinking, great Kim, how the hell do I know if I am living in this truth and how do I get there?

Ahh, great question, and sometimes it isn’t always that easy to get to this place on  your own and this is  a great area to work on with a coach or trusted adviser and to get you started I’d like to look at some of the symptoms that might appear when you are not in alignment as I think that gives us a great starting point.

When you are experiencing these “symptoms” 95% of the time you are not operating from your truth and you are not in alignment with your truth and what is “right” for you.

– Life and or Business is hard

Maybe you are overwhelmed, tired or frustrated. News flash, life is not meant to be living this way, life is meant to be lived, to have fun, I am not saying it is going to be stress-free by any means but it should be fun and easy. If something does not feel easy, then it is probably out of alignment with your core values and truth. This is where being able to distinguish between intuition/inner guidance and your ego is key. (Again this is another key area where a mentor can really help you to develop these skills of knowing the difference.)

Life and or Business  isn’t flowing 

Perhaps you are experiencing lots of ups and downs in your business, you will have lots of clients some months and then they fall off for several months, of course, this is not the only factor that causes this, however, it is usually an underlying cause, ie. not living in your truth that does cause this symptom even if it does not appear to be that on the surface. Perhaps life is not flowing, you have lots of ups and downs, some weeks are good and other weeks not so good, you might be fighting with a spouse, or your kids, or the clerk at the grocery store. Again, this is a symptom that you are not living as your authentic self.

These are just a few of the “symptoms” of what happens when you are not living in your truth and operating your business from your truth and what is in alignment for you. Now, I challenge you to look at your life and biz and see where you are not in alignment with your truth and shift it.

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