Are you making decisions from faith or fear?

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Are you making decisions from faith or fear?

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How do you know which one it is?

Ask yourself what would it look like if I was making decisions from faith?


Would you trust yourself?

Would you trust what was inside of you?

Would you trust what you feel?

Would you believe in yourself?


Would you keep going even if things look like they were at working out?


Would you believe in something bigger than you?


Would you believe that you’re always in the right place at the right time?


Would you believe that life is for you?

That life loves you?

That everything is working out for you?

That life gets to keep on getting better and better?


That you can have what is your desire?


Or are you making decisions from here?


Are you doubting?

Are you not believing in yourself?

Are you making excuses?

Are you fully for your own BS?

Are you not taking action?

Are you not saying what you really think?

 Are you pretending?

Are you putting your head in the sand?

Are you compromising?

Are you trying to control?


What does it look like for you?

When you’re making decisions from here?

What are you making decisions from faith?


All of our choices, decisions have an energy behind it I didn’t energetic consequences of that choice?

What are you creating?


You are a control!


Tap into the energy of your choice and ask yourself where are you making this decision from?

Do this throughout the day.

Do this with every decision you make.

With every choice that you make.


You are in control!

You are the creator of your reality!

Nothing is happening to you, you are creating it all!


You are powerful

You are worthy

You are enough

You are deserving


You can have it all

The only time is now


I believe in you

I love you

You got this

talk soon,

xox, Kim

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