Are You Owning Your Value?

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AreYouOwningYourValueThis past weekend, I spent with a handful of committed kick butt entrepreneurs that are committed  to busting through old belief patterns and creating a business truly in alignment with their soul purpose, passion and desires.

The experience was nothing short of amazing and transformational all around.

Here’s what one of the attendees shared with me after the retreat:

“I feel like I’m coming down from a cloud.  I can’t really quantify what I got out of the retreat other than I have this feeling of being at peace and like everything is going to be okay.  That’s priceless in my book.”

How cool is that, they walked away with a sense of peace, knowing that they are always taken care of, clarity on their ideal clients, their packages, pricing and truly owning their value in ways that were just not possible before.

Sometimes, it really does take an outside perspective and a change in your environment for that to be possible, but man once you get that, its something that no one can take away from you, you actually become it. How cool is that?

If you’d like to create results like that, I’d like to chat with you to see how I can help you, just go here, to get started!

Okay, so I thought this week I would share with some of what we talked about in the retreat, and this is the idea of owning your value.

In order to own your value, you must first start to recognize the unique value that you and only you bring to the table, to start to unfold that process you can create a list of all the accomplishments that you have made in your business and your life. Hint: Your past experiences have shaped you into the person you are today, the business owner that you are today and that all adds value to who you are and the work that you do with your clients.

For example, I personally have had the experience of creating a multi 6 figure business that was totally out of alignment with who I was at the soul level and the way that I wanted to show up in the world, because I was following a “formula” now although I previously also taught entrepreneurs how to build a business in alignment with who they are, having this experience adds a whole lot more value to the work that I now due, I can draw on that work, that experience and bring another perspective to it, and help my clients at a much deeper level, that all adds value.

That is just one example of how past experiences add “non tangible” value to the work that you, now, its your turn, write a list of all your experiences, that add value to the work you do, on the surface it might not seem to have anything to do with your work but I promise you there are hidden gems in your experiences for you and your clients.

Once you do that you can start to see that you add values in more ways then just the degrees or certifications that you hold or don’t hold for that matter, and you can build on that and start to own your own value. (It’s also super hard to do this inside a vacuum and you may need an outside perspective) If you are feeling like you’d like my help, just go here, and we can chat or meet with a trusted friend or adviser.


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