Are You Putting Yourself in the “Game”?

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Hey, hey, so its January 7th already, a full week into the near year, and often times by now, the fun of the new year is already starting to wear off.

I don’t know about you but I have some pretty big plans for 2016, and if you are hanging around here, I suspect you do too!

I was inspired to share a few tips with you on putting yourself in the game, you see, you can have all the right systems, strategies and dare I say formulas but the truth is if your head is not in the game, your energy is not in the game, well, then, don’t expect to reach your goals with any kind of ease or at all for that matter.

It’s the new year and already so many things have been coming up to “try” and keep me distracted from reaching my lofty goals. And you know what, I am not going to let that stop me, not a chance in hell, no fucking way, because this shit is too important, my mission is too important, you are too important and I will not tolerate that and you shouldn’t either! so, here are some of those tips to help you.

-#JustFuckingDoIt, set the goal and take the steps towards achieving those goals, break it down so that it does not overwhelm the shit out of you but take action every day, even when you are scared, or tired, or don’t feel like it. #noExcuses

– Do your mindset and energy work every fucking day, no matter what, make it a priority, make it part of your routine, make it count, don’t make excuses, you don’t have time, I don’t feel good, the kids are sick, yep, that’s life, get the fuck over it and #JustFuckingDoIt. Here’s what I do every day, mediate (2 minutes min), move my body (5 minutes min), listen to my inner guidance (2 minutes min), journal (5 minutes min), visualize (1 minute min) that’s like 15 minutes, sometimes I go longer, often times I do, but this is the min, if you can’t find 15 minutes a day to get your head in the game, then you are just not that committed.

– Trust yourself, the truth is you already know what you need to do, if you are not achieving the results you want, you are most likely in your own way, or you have not mastered your inner game. Truth be told, its like 95+{9426e48ae5c3b3ab02332dd167966d9e9ea7aa41d6d2b8540a0550b4f9308632} about the mindset and 5{9426e48ae5c3b3ab02332dd167966d9e9ea7aa41d6d2b8540a0550b4f9308632} about the action you take, yes, you need to take action, but it needs to be aligned and you need to have the right mindset and right energy state otherwise its basically all for nothing because if your energy and your mind is not aligned with what you say you want, well then, good luck trying to get there, its about who you are being and the vibration you are vibrating at, you just gotta give the universe a channel to deliver it.

Want some help with any of the above? are you read to align your biz, your life, your energy, your mindset with what it is you were born to do? Are you ready to have fun and make a shit ton of money doing what you love? let’s connect, I am on a mission to help 10 badass entrepreneurs kick start their biz in January and get into alignment. Are you one of them? Let do this, go here and lets see how I can help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Love and blessings,

#Rock YourLimits

xox, Kim

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