Are You Sabotaging Your Sales? (Here’s how to know)

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There are multiple ways that you continually sabotage your sales, and I am not able to go into great detail on all the ways today but I want you to be aware of them so that you can really identify with what is showing up for you.

First, you need to realize that people buy for one of the following reasons no matter what you are selling:

  • love
  • security
  • self esteem

Often times when we are selling, we are in our own blind spot (check out this article to know if you are in a blind spot). And when you are in the blind spot and you are not confident in who you are then you:

  • lack self trust
  • lack self love
  • lack self esteem
  • lack security

You tend to strive to be comfortable in your sales, in your marketing, your biz model, and of course in other areas of your life as well.

This insecurities show up in your sales calls, marketing and business model:

  • you create packages that are out of alignment
  • you create a biz model that is out of alignment
  • you over deliver
  • you undercharge
  • you work too hard
  • you don’t make offers
  • you hide
  • you raise your rates and cant convert
  • you make up your prices for what to charge by picking a number of out the sky and then your energy is not lined up with your energy and you can’t close any sales or very few, and they don’t actually stick!

And you do this because in your sales you are projecting big time, usually due to lack of self love, security or self esteem. You mistakenly think objections of money, time or whatever else comes in the sales conversation are really about money, time or whatever else because you project your view points and insecurities into the conversation.

Are you sabotaging your sales when you:

  • try to think ahead in a sales conversation or filter what you say on social media
  • making decisions from your current circumstances instead of from your vision
  • you use time and money as excuses – I don’t have time for this, I don’t have money for this
  • you ignore your inner guidance and instead listen to other people
  • you constantly compare yourself to other people
  • you put up a facade and pretend that everything is okay
  • you spend way too much money on investing in yourself and take very little action
  • you have survival mindset and are very much stuck in middle class thinking
  • you are not willing to let go of your preconceived views of the world and how things are “supposed” to work, you follow the “rules” of success and still don’t get the result you are looking for!
  • you are constantly hiding your true self and trying to pretend that everything is okay or you are further along then you are because you are afraid that people are judging you!
  • deep down inside you feel ashamed, guilty, unloved, undeserving and unworthy and often angry (although you may not be aware of it because you are so out of touch with your feelings

If any of this resonates with you, you are in a blind spot, if you’d like to get out of the blind spot once and for all, rock your freedom, rock your life, rock your biz, then let’s talk. Go here now to apply for a Rock Your Blind Spot Discovery Session and let’s rock your limits™

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Love and blessings,
xox, Kim


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