Are you tracking your metrics? The importance of tracking your metrics

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What are business metrics?

Business metrics are several kinds of measurements utilized to gauge how a certain company is playing out in the market. Such measurements include revenues, return of investments, churn rates, cost of goods sold, expenses, and gross and net income, among others. The things mentioned before are used, analyzed, understood and continually monitored so that the owners, potential investors, and partners and consumers will have a clear picture of how the business is doing – good or bad.

Tracking a business’s metrics is important and highly advantageous for a number of reasons:

1. It will help the owners to understand how the company works and plays in relation to their market and other areas of concern.

a. Metrics will show the various areas of the company that are doing good and those areas that are doing bad. Depending on the results shown by the said metrics and measurements, a company can adjust, re-structure, re-model, re-invent and improve its transactions and operations.

b. Knowing what works for them and not, an organization can then focus on their assets and strong points, and eventually level down their weaker aspects and points.

2. It will help potential investors and partners to know whether a company they are eyeing on is worth the risk.

a. Business investors and partners alike are equally important in the whole trade and industry cycle. They not only help businesses expand and gain more exposure, they also help businesses to be more visibly present in the market, making them acquire more and more income from consumers.

3. Consumers will have an idea of how a company is doing.

a. Consumers are a big part of the whole equation because businesses exist mainly for them; hence, consumers need to know how the business units they transact with are doing.


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