Are you unplugging from your biz?

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Kyle-JohnSummer-BeachJuly2015Last week I had the privilege to take a vacation, a completely unplugged vacation with my kiddos and hubby and I have to tell you it is amazing what can happen when you actually unplug.


First off we were missing the “real” beach like crazy and hadn’t been on a “real” vacation in years, since Kyle was about 6 months old and he’s now 7, so you can do the math on that. But now that my biz is stabilized and I can actually take time off without worrying about the bottom dropping out and my Summer is now 3 ½ we finally had the opportunity to take a “real” vacation.


So we decided to head to the coast in FL and rented a place right on the beach. I have to say being a Long Island girl and growing up on the water and having access to some of the nicest beaches in the US, I set my expectations pretty high, and they did not disappoint.


I am not sure if its just been far too long since I relaxingly put my toes in the sand and the ocean, or if it was the fact that I was completely unplugged from my biz but I can tell you it was magical. Here is a picture of my kiddos and hubby. The only thing I regret is not taking enough picture but it was out of this world to be able to be present and in the moment with my family and myself and allow myself the space to do that.


I always take off two weeks in December for Christmas and New Years but this was different, it gave me the ability to really reflect on just how far I have come, on where it is that I desire to go and everything in between. I had the opportunity to wake up in the mornings and sip my coffee on the balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and go to sleep to the sound of the ocean waves out the balcony door.


This is what lights me and makes me come alive, and the awareness, clarity and direction I received from being in the space and being unplugged was unexpected, beautiful and life changing. I am still keeping it on the down low at the moment, but I promise as soon as I work out all the details I will share with you. 🙂


What I can tell you now though and what I wanted to share with you is that this truly will change the course of my life and biz in ways its hard for me to imagine at the moment. How cool is that, and the truth is, none of it would have been possible if I did not unplug from my biz and fully engage with just being for those 10 days.
So, my challenge to you today is, how can you unplug from your biz so that you can get the clarity and direction that you seek?


And, if you feel like you need or want some help with this, I would love to have a conversation with you on how I can help you to create the biz you truly desire and connect with what that desire really is. After all, its hard to go after something if you don’t know what it is 🙂

You can reach me by clicking here.

Love and blessings,

Xox, Kim

P.S. This vacation and unplug fest was something that was apart of my vision for awhile now, and it was only by setting goals and having the vision in the first place that I was able to manifest it into my reality.

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