Are You Using Your Most Valuable Resource?

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Hmm, does that seem a little odd to ask from a business standpointScreen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.55.35 PM?

I know on the surface it might, and quite frankly I have been hiding this part of me in my biz too, for far too long might I add.

However, here’s what I have discovered, our most valuable resource is our inner guidance system.

So let me ask you is your inner guidance propelling your business forward or are you ignoring it and not getting the results that you want in your business and life? For those of you who know me it may seem odd at first that I am talking about this subject of inner guidance and alignment and at first glance, it may seem that one does not have anything to do with the other. ( I told you up until now, I have been hiding this part of me, but no more, we are spiritual beings and this is one the cool things I get to teach my clients, so why hide it?)

Here’s the thing though, over the past little while I have really been reflecting on what is working and what is not working in business and WHY? and this has to lead me to none other than our inner guidance system. You see, our inner guidance system is our greatest asset and is essentially your secret weapon to propel your business forward, that is if you listen to it. I have noticed a trend with myself as well as with my clients and this has been a huge factor in determining who is getting the result and who isn’t getting the result. And the cool thing is that we all have this secret weapon, we just need to learn how to tap into it. 🙂

Let’s first talk about the idea of what exactly is this inner guidance? Simply put, inner guidance is our inner knowing, it’s the gut feeling that we have and it is directly related to our emotions and our energy. Our inner guidance is our direct connection to Source/God/The Universe, essentially, it is our connection to Home.

You need to know, are you in alignment with your inner guidance in order to tap into this amazing tool, so how do you know?

Actually, its really quite simple, it always shows up in our results. If you are getting what you expect, what you want, you are likely tapped into your inner guidance, if you are not, then, well, you are likely just “doing” for the sake of doing rather then coming from that place of knowing it is the right thing. If you are doing all the things that you “should be” doing in your business but you are still not getting the result you are not in alignment with your inner guidance.

Let’s say for example you are part of a program to help you grow your business, you are applying the same marketing strategies and you are doing the same “things” as others in the program yet you are not getting the same results, in fact, you are frustrated or overwhelmed, this likely because you are not in alignment with what it is that you are doing and you are not coming from the right place when you are doing it. When you are applying strategies in your business it is important to check in with yourself to see if it’s in alignment with what it is that you want to create, your higher vision, how you want to work with folks, etc, etc. etc.

The great thing is that you can fix this, you just need to start tapping into your inner guidance system so that you can tweak what you are doing.  Trust me,  you will be surprised as to just how quickly you can start getting different results when you start to trust your inner guidance.

If you need some help with tweaking your business to get fully aligned with your inner guidance and you are ready to uplevel your life and business let’s talk. Click here to get started! 

Until next time, have a rocking day!

Love and blessings,
xox, Kim

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