Auto-Responder Comparisons:

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If you are serious about running an online business and doing it well by taking your profits to the maximum level possible then it is very important that you work on building your list from the very outset of starting your campaigns.By building your list you can take a one time visit and turn them into a multiple time visitor and hopefully continual customer! In order to build a list you have to use a piece of software called an autosponder and the choice of what autosponder to use and purchase is a very important one and will affect the growth of your business significantly over the following years.

Which One Should I Go For?

The first big choice to make is whether to make a one time purchase or pay a monthly subscription to a
service. The best decision in this case is to go for a monthly subscription because they constantly stay on top of the problems that crop up with email marketing and do their best to ensure that the deliver-ability rates stay high.

Email Creation – Typically,email marketing companies offer a variety of several different email templates in order to create an email. Points were also awarded to those that offered a WYSIWYG editor and HTML editor. We also took into account the ability to create different email templates as well as hosting space provided for such things as images, etc.

Contact Management – Most email marketing companies give you the ability to import contacts from a TXT file or CSV files. In addition, some allow you to import from XLS as well as web-based email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail or contact management software. At the very least we recommend choosing a provider that will allow you to cut & paste contacts directly into their system.

Email Deliverability – Refers to the guarantee that the email marketing companies make regarding emails being successfully delivered to their recipients.

Analyzing Reports – The depth as well as functionality of statistical reporting is a key element when selecting an email marketing provider. The standard statistics included opens, unopens, bounces, click rates, forwards, open dates, and unsubscribes.

Customer Support – This rating was based on 5 main areas of support, FAQ, email, phone, live chat and video support.

Other Features – This area includes additional features and functionality such as shopping cart integration, affiliate
integration, survey integration and more.



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