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In recent years I had really lost faith in the whole notion of automated marketing; especially when it came to email campaigns. Seriously, how many of us even pay attention to emails anymore? So you can see how easy it was for me to dismiss the very real worth of automated marketing.

Then Infusionsoft entered the world of automated marketing. Infusionsoft gave a whole new meaning to the power of what  automated marketing can accomplish.

Automated marketing has a real, integral attraction in that by it’s very nature, it’s automated. Everyone can understand how easy it is to be drawn to a marketing strategy that does its thing while you do your own.

Infusionsoft succeeds where other automated marketing strategies fail. Email campaigns have inherent issues that Infusionsoft overcome. Particularly if you are in email marketing, you will love this program because it is designed especially for internet marketers and the inherent issues that come with email campaigns. Here are just a few reasons that you will love Infusionsoft:

As we all know emails are often hard to deliver, and worse – they are terribly easy to ignore. So one must connect with those potential clients via other modalities…telephone, fax, voicemail, text, instant messaging, letters, etc. One of the fabulous features of Infusionsoft is that all of these are built into the automated sequence.

  • Emails tend to feel so impersonal. A potential client can tell the difference between “just another email” and your desire to really connect with them. A good marketing strategy accomplishes this in one way or another. Think of getting an actual phone call after signing up for a newsletter…..I would be blown away, wouldn’t you? Infusionsoft makes that personal follow-up easy.
  • It is difficult to make emails relevant to everyone. Automated marketing like any effective marketing tool needs to be relevant to the person it is sent to. Take those emails generated when someone signs up for your newsletter….when is the last time you checked to see if they are still relevant and valuable to the person that signed up? Outdated marketing is worse than no marketing at all!

Emailing each individual would be almost impossible, but Infusionsoft allows you to segment your lists. Instead of a blanket email you can actually create a custom fit – reaching people according to where they are or what they do. For example, you can create a link in your ezine that leads a person to your new program. Then based on what action they take from there you can follow up. Maybe an email thanking them for visiting or one saying “I noticed you didn’t sign up….” And from there you can continue the conversation.

Infusionsoft has conquered so many of the “impersonal issues” that come with internet marketing and the automated side of the business and it has completely restored my confidence and passion for automated marketing. Take a moment to think of how you could put Infusionsoft to work for you in your business. Like me, I bet you are already abuzz with new ideas and the excitement they bring!

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