Build Your Online Credibility Through These Simple Steps

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When participating in online discussions, it’s not as easy to build credibility as when in face-to-face forums. There are way too many strangers throwing out their own opinions and people need more than just scattered posts to take you seriously. Here are a few tips to ensure your online credibility is solidified.

1) Be a reliable source.

People need to see that you are not just about opinions – you actually have reliable information to dish out. Make a number of relevant posts in different area. Make sure your information has been verified. Also, avoid making mistakes when it comes to spelling and grammar.

2) Prove that you are knowledgeable.

Do not just stick to one topic. Comment on different topics to show that you have a wide range of coverage. Be careful though of appearing boastful – though it is necessary to post in a number of topics, it is never a good idea to show off. Use simple language and don’t act condescending of previous posts.

3) Increase credibility through your bio.

People do tend to read your bio and including information such as a bachelor’s degree (or higher) definitely ups the chances of people trusting you. Don’t hide such information as it does elevate people’s perception.

4) Post work experiences.

These, though, is best done nit through bios but through sample works. If relevant, post work-related samples or even case studies.

5) Have someone vouch for you.

Here’s where your connections are going to play an important part. If you know someone who already has a solid online credibility, have him/her do follow-up comments to your posts. Make sure, though, that everything stays relevant.

People will always have their own opinions and no matter how careful you can be with your posts, some will still take offense. There’s no changing that. But stick to the rules and less and less people will take offense.


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