Business Success In 7 Steps

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Are you thinking of spending your hard-earned savings on a business that will free you of employment? Good for you – but before you do that, pause and read on.

Whether or not you’ve studied business in school, you can always make it in business – the educational system does not necessarily lay out the secrets to making it successful in your business. Derek Dearden, though, who has been running his own business since 1981, says there are seven things to keep in mind when jumpstarting a business – any business. Being successful, he says, is achievable in seven steps.

I. Know how you want your life to be

Most business owners start by thinking they just want their businesses to fly. They forget that it’s important to set a goal – and not just about their business but about their lives as well. Some successful businessman may tell you that they’re not happy with their lives: they’re either working too much or not spending time with their families or just not enjoying their business anymore.

Setting a life goal means you know exactly how to steer your boat – and when you’ve arrived in your destination. You want to make sure that, once your business takes off, you’re not only happy with what your business turned out to be but your life as well.

II. Set specific earning targets

When starting out in the business path, most people just say, “I want to earn more money.” While this might work at times, it does not ensure success.

Set just how much you want to earn. This does not mean you’d stop when the goal is reached, it only means that you’re setting your subconscious to reach a specific target. It also makes you realize just how much your time is worth – you get to compute how much you earn for each hour you throw into work. An earning target also allows you to realize that money is just a means to an end – once the goal is reached, you give yourself the opportunity to lie low, relax, and spend for the life you set yourself in bullet number one.

III. Spend more time on Innovation and Marketing

What some upstart businessmen do not know is that producing and delivering goods is not the be-all and end-all of a successful business. In fact, delegating those tasks to other people may prove as – if not more – successful. If you really want to be successful, focus your energies on innovating – improving on your product or service then taking it to the next level – and marketing – attracting new clients. Doing such will ensure that you don’t become a one-hit wonder; your business will stand the test of time.

IV. Research your market even before investing

You may have the best idea but that does not mean you have a market. So even before you spend your savings away, do some research.

The Internet is such a powerful businessman tool nowadays. Try logging on to a search site, typed keywords related to your product or service then see how much activity you’re going to get. Also, review just how much advertisers your keywords attract.

Do not forget checking out the competition as well. And surveys are also powerful in checking out how the market will react.

V. ‘Direct Response’ is the only way to advertise

Thinking of getting into advertising loaded with pictures and almost no words at all? Don’t. They’re not that effective.

If you want real advertising that will really rake in the customers, you must try ‘direct response’. When putting up and ad, make sure you have a strong headline and you outline the benefits to your readers. Also, you must include a line or two that makes them act NOW. This way, they close whatever they’re reading then go out and buy your product.

VI. Split-test

Once your ad or webpage is ready, come up with slight variations to it. Test them one by one and check which one attracts the most customers. That way, you can stick to the most effective one.

VII. Deliver outstanding value

This is perhaps the most important step. You can be the most awesome advertiser but if your product or service goes kaput, then there are no customers.

Deliver what your customers expect and more. This ensures satisfied customers that will refer you to others.

There you have: seven tips that will help you make your business a success. Follow each and every one and your on your way to achieving your goals.


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