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Okay so seriously, its time to wake up, its do or die time. There are always distractions, especially on days when you feel too scared to do anything that you know deep down inside will make a difference.

But here’s the thing, if you do want to make a difference, if you are tired of being on the same hampster wheel, or let’s face it, a worse hampster wheel because things never really do stay the same do they?

No, they either get better or they get worse, but they don’t really stay the same, do they?

Nope. and if you think they do, then you are kind of living in a delusion, because truth is everything is either growing or dying. Just look around in nature and there is all the proof you need but that is a story for another day.

Because right now, going off on that train is just a distraction from the bigger meaning here, the bigger obstacle. Yes, I know you want to try and understand everything, the why behind everything, and I commend you for that, shit, its one of the things that makes you so good at what you do but it can also distract you sometimes. Sometimes, you just can’t worry about it and you need to move on to bigger and better things.

So, let’s get to it shall we. So you keep on talking about how you want to buy a new house, a new car, get out of debt, have a business that truly serves you as much as you serve your clients, instead of the soul sucking biz you have now that keeps you up at night stressed and worried. I know you want it so badly, and you know you have what it takes do it, if you could just figure out the missing link.

That thing that is keeping you from seeing what it really is. Cause, here’s the thing, if you are not getting the result that you want, then there is something you don’t know, or you don’t see, perception is everything here. It’s everything.

If you feel trapped and like you can’t find a way out, its because you need to shift your perspective and start to see things differently, and once you do that, everything around you will begin to change, but not until you change your perspective first.

Which, I get is kind of hard right now, because you feel like the waves are crashing in and the rug is about to be pulled out from under you. It always is. And to make matters worse, we are in the 4th quarter of 2016 already, and we have less then 90 days to turn this shit around and finally reach those goals you set out in the beginning of the year.

And you are dying inside, because your higher self, she already knows the answers, she already has the vision, the plan, but your ego is scared. This is nothing like anything you have ever done before, you want to be a thought leader, you want to stand out from the crowd, you don’t want to be just another coach, or mentor, or consultant, or healer, or techie person. No, you want so much more, and you are a leader.

Isn’t it time for you stand up for what you believe in? Isn’t it time that you actually went all in? Not just kind of sorta in, but like all the way for real in?

It’s do or die time. Seriously, the year is winding down and before you know it there will be Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations and right after that we will be moving into 2017 and another year would have passed.

Are you willing to go all in?

Are you willing to die for your dream?

To put it all on the line?

To actually go all in?

To find out and transform:

– what is holding you back?

– to uncover the gold in the shit that you’ve been hiding?

– to step up and be the leader you were born to be?

– to stop letting your past control your future?

– to write your own ticket to freedom?

– to once and for all be you and be rich?

– to dive into the ocean of your mind and uncover the diamond?

– to transform the pain?

– to be free?

– to be you?

Are you willing to die?
Because right now, inside of you, you are dying aren’t you?

Your soul is screaming out that it wants more, that you are worthy, that you are deserving, that you can have it all!

But, that ego, that perception, that human side of you is spinning its wheels.
– Hoping

– Praying

– Secretly that no one will find out the truth

– That no one will find out your secret

– That no one will look behind the curtain.

Not before you figure it out and get your shit together.

– Before you are perfect

– Before you have the right hair, car, house, clothes

– Before the facade comes tumbling down and everyone finds out you are a fraud.

You are a fraud, aren’t you?

You pretend you have your shit together, when really, we never do, its kinda impossible, isn’t it really?

You pretend that you are okay, when deep down inside you are dying.

You pretend you are happy, living the dream, have the business you want.

But really, you hate yourself, because you just can’t seem to do what you need to do, to get what you really desire, and you can’t figure out why.

<< Check out this video for a clue. >>

Isn’t it time to drop the excuses and really go after what you want instead of what you think you might be able to get?

You have come to far to go back now, its why nothing is working, your soul is working against you right now, to try and wake you up to what you really want, you know what it is, but you can’t see it, it’s that hole blindspot, forest through the trees, you are too close to see it, your ego is protecting you thing.

Deep down inside you know you were meant for so much more, deep down inside your soul is dying and you know you must do something about it, because the old way of doing business, that shit doesn’t work anymore.

Right here in this moment you have an opportunity, one you will never get again, because right here, right now in this moment, you have a chance, an opportunity to do something about it. You never know what tomorrow will bring, you never know how much time you have or don’t have.

Isn’t it time you actually went all in? Stop fucking around, with your website, your message, your ego, your BS and you went out there and took a stand for what you believe in, in a way that only YOU can do it? Because, you are unique, you are special, you are one of a freaking kind, and the world needs you, the world needs you now. There is no other time but now, that’s it, the only time you really ever have is right here, right now.

Stop putting off til tomorrow what you can do today. It’s time to go all in, it’s time to step up and step out.

Yes, you will be scared.

Yes, you will probably be criticized.

Yes, you will make mistakes.

Yes, you will fall.

Yes, you can get back up again.

But right here, right now you have to decide. are you in or are you out?

Are you ready to go all in?

To take a stand for what you believe in?

To take a stand for your message?

To take a stand for your clients?

To take a stand for YOU?

To take a stand for your desires?

To take a stand for your dream business?

To take a stand for your soul?

To take a stand?

Are you ready to go all in, no matter what?

Creating a business and life you truly desire is no small feat, and it is certainly not for the faint of heart, it takes dedication, it take soul searching, it takes being willing to look at the ugly past, it takes being able to reframe all that shit that has kept you stuck, it takes being able to reframe all that shit you think is shit about you, that you don’t deserve it, that you are not worthy (and no, this shit is not on the surface), I am talking about the deep shit you buried 50 foot under the ground, in the well, and put a lid on it so tight so that that shit would never get out, that shit that is destroying you on the inside but masquerading as something else, because let’s face it, it always masquerades as something else!

– not enough money

– not enough time

– not clear on what you want

– not able to feel the good stuff, gratitude? for what? this shit?

– not enough clients

– not enough

– feeling invisible

– Feeling stuck

– Procrastinating

– Always feeling like you need to prove yourself

– Not making money, or not enough money

– Spinning your wheels feeling like you are not getting anything done

Bam all of a sudden the entire day is gone and you got practically nothing done in your biz that actually moves the needle forward at all. Then you get frustrated and discouraged and you beat yourself up. Totally unproductive cycle.
If you cant get clarity on what you really want, its cloudy, the image is not clear, then you have a limiting belief, a sabotage program that is protecting you from a perceived danger.
Sabotage is a protective pattern – it comes from conflicting beliefs, its not a bad thing, actually its a good thing if you know how to use it to your advantage, or it can destroy you if you don’t.

I know because I was stuck in a sabotage pattern for most of my life, and it’s one of my greatest gifts too, because I can spot it 100 miles away and help you transform it and use it as power instead of have it defeat you.

It doesn’t have to be that way, you can have everything that you desire, and I’d love to help you get it.

If you are ready to go all in, to let go of your limiting beliefs and transform them, to create a business and life you truly desire, from the essence of who you are (you know, so you don’t have to pretend to be someone or something else anymore) then I have an invitation for you.

If you are sick and freaking tired of being on this same hampster wheel year in and year out, if you are ready to transform this shit into gold then I am your gal, I am ready and willing to help you, but only if you are ready to dive deep into the closet of your BS and come out on the other side a hero, a leader, the purposeful creator of your life and biz.

Are you ready?

Hit me up and let’s see if you are a good fit. I have a handful of spots open to help you transform your life and your biz and finish the year with a hell of a bang, so that you can finally create a profitable and fun biz that you love, and that actually serves you, get crystal freaking clear on your message, your mission, who you serve, how you serve, what makes you unique and how to stand out in the marketing place and easily magnetize ideal, amazing, dreamy soulmate clients to you.

Let’s do this.

Much love, xo, Kim

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