Do you Believe in Magic?

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crystalsAs I shared last week we planned a trip to the Crystal Mines in AR, here’s a picture of all our finds, we still need to clean them, as they e covered in red clay at the moment laid out on the lawn so the rain can wash them clean before we bathe them in special acid to reveal their beauty. If you have not done anything like this before, I highly suggest it, there is nothing like digging your hands and feet into the earth and sharing in the beauty of it, getting good and dirty in the process (the kiddos sure loved it). What better way to celebrate the earth then playing with her? I just had to share!

I usually start my days with a quick meditation and some yoga before I get the kiddos up and ready for school but lately I have also been walking as well once I drop the kiddos off. The last few days this song has been popping into my head, I hadn’t remembered all the lyrics, just the title and a few words “Do you believe in magic, in a young girls heart” and it got me thinking so I thought I’d share the video and lyrics with you as well as some of the insights I discovered.

These walks I have been taking are turning out to be more like walking meditations, where I can talk to myself and hear the answers as I am not consumed with being a mom, wife, biz owner, etc. I used to resist them because I thought I did not have time but I am finding they actually free me to be more productive and get the space I require to expand, its now part of my daily routine of self care.

What daily routine of self care do you do for yourself?

Okay, so back to the song, it kept popping up so I thought I better find the lyrics as there must be some gold in here the Universe is trying to share with me. And then it hit me, I realized that the magic the song is talking about it, it’s us, its in our hearts and souls. We are the magic, we are on own magic, we don’t need to go outside of ourselves to find the magic, its all within us.

You see our soul is full of all the answers we are seeking, we are the magic, and once you realize that things start to change, and once you allow yourself to become the magic everything changes and its never quiet the same again, in a good way.

Some well, magical happens when you know and trust yourself, you seek inside for the wisdom you desire, you come alive and life flows with ease and grace and things just seem easier. This comes from first knowing who you really are, the first step to knowing who you are is connecting with your inner guide, your inner guru (and yes, I did say guru because you are in fact a guru of your own life and your soul) its time to tap into the wisdom and allow it to lead you into a profitable and soulful business that you truly desire.

How can you unleash your own magic? Go inside and discover the answer to the questions you seek? Meditation? A walk in nature? Perhaps digging for some crystals?

If you need some help uncovering the magic of who you truly be, a soul profile may be a great place for you to start, you can learn more about there here!

So, do you believe in magic? Are you ready to share your magic with the world and create a soulful and profitable biz? Let’s talk, it would be my honor to help you!

Love and blessings,
xox, Kim


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