Do You Complete Your Projects?

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If you fail to complete your projects, then the problem may be one of poor project management. Here are some of the top reasons why projects fail and how you can address them to successfully conclude your projects.

Unclear project requirements. Not defining your project requirements is a clear invitation to failure. These requirements essentially detail the why, what, how and when of a project. Define these requirements with your team during the planning phases of the project so that you’ll be clear as to what you want to achieve with the project as well as how to achieve it and the timetable under which it has to be completed. Create a clear project document that formalizes these requirements so that everyone will understand what needs to be done.

Unrealistic deadlines. The client might require a project to be completed within a too-short time frame or the project might be planned so poorly that there is simply not enough time to meet all the requirements. Again, careful planning at the preparation stage can help prevent this from happening.

Scope creep. This happens when the project starts to grow beyond its original specifications and can happen for various reasons. The customer might suddenly add to the project requirements. Or the project manager himself might decide to include new features that would expand the project. One way to avoid this is by reviewing the original project documentation and eliminating new requirements that are not in line with it and having strong project control mechanisms.

Poor communication with stakeholders/team members. By not establishing clear lines of communication, you risk project failure by having project members working at odds with each other or with the project going in a direction the client does not approve of.

Poor project documentation. If you don’t have a clear project document that spells out not just the requirements but also the processes that need to be followed, you risk the project not being completed since team members will be unsure as to how to project will be implemented.

Poor risk management. One reason projects fail is the failure of the project planners to anticipate potential problems and lay out measures to deal with them. This is also something that should be attended to at the planning stages and be part of the project document.

Inadequate resources or incorrectly deployed resources. Knowing how to use your human and other resources properly is essential to guaranteeing the success of your project.

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