Do you feel it?

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Do you feel it?


The pressure to try harder to push more, to have more?


To have an unlimited supply of money, to  have a business that you desire, so that you can have freedom?


Yay, me too.


But why do you want these things?


What does it do for you?


Truly, really, deep down inside, what do these things do for you?


The big house?

The fancy car?

The house cleaner?

The gardner?

The $200,000 in the bank?

The amazing team?

The _____?


Whatever else you really want, and you know you want it, you think about it all the time, you dream about it, you drool about it, you fantasize about it.


But, do you have it?


All of it, yet?


Or are you still waiting for the perfect time, the perfect solution, the perfect answer, more clarity, more direction, more…..?


Yeah, I know the feeling, that feeling of longing for something more, of having something more, of wanting something more, and being stuck smack dab in the middle of a shit storm that you created so that you could experience the contrast. WTF, you scream, I don’t want this, and more and more and more of it comes.


The more you dwell on what you don’t have the more you become aware of just how far away you are from what it is that you want, WTF, how are you “supposed” to visualize what you want to “make” it become your reality if every time you do you are just so damn keenly aware that you don’t have it?


You feel the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


What would it be like to have the dream house, the dream car, the team, the $200k in the bank, the house cleaner, the personal chef?


You don’t know, duh, you don’t have it, you are stuck over here, trying to scrape together nickels to make ends meet.


Your business is like a full time job that is sucking the life out of you and there is no end in sight, no matter how many affirmations you say and no matter how many meditations, or self help books you read, the gap is still there.


What you want is there __________ and you are here.


WTF, how are you “supposed” to get there?


Here’s what’s worked for me, and it’s kind of universal law so it will work for you too.


You see, all you need to do is get into vibrational alignment with what it is that you want, instead of the vibration that you are at.


Sounds easy right?


So, how do you get into alignment?


Well thoughts become things so you just gotta think positive thoughts right?


Well, not exactly, because if you think about what you want, you become aware that you don’t have it, and then you feel like crap because you don’t have it, yet and then it’s a downward spiral from there.


You see, that’s why reading affirmations doesn’t really work, you can read the affirmations all day long but if when you read them your ego is screaming, ah yeah, that is not my reality, the feelings that go along with you saying those affirmations are actually taking you further and further away from the thing that you want.


This was a huge aha for me years ago when I realized that the more mindset work I did the worse shit became, because you see, the state in which you are doing your mindset work in makes all the difference.


It’s not so much what you think and what you say, yes, yes, we create with our thoughts and our words, but think about it, different things mean different things in different cultures. We really create with our emotions, or feelings, its how we feel when we say it.

You know what I mean, your spouse asks you something and you can answer with a yes that is a true yes or a yes that is a sarcastic yes and they do not mean the same thing, the difference is the feeling that goes with it.


Feelings/emotions are the universal language, what you feel is what you get, so really to get the money, the house, the car, etc you gotta feel what it feels like to have it, even though you don’t yet have it.


And the thing is that you don’t really want the money, the house, the car, etc, you want the feeling it gives you. You see, we are all motivated by pretty much three things (this is why people will buy your products and services too, or any product or service for that matter) and that is love, security and self esteem.


Really think about it, take that in, and allow that to really sink in, that’s it, that’s really truly what we are after, love, security or self esteem, all the “things” we want are boiled down to that. It’s really very simple, and even simpler then that is it’s not really the thing that we want but the feeling that we perceive will be get when we get the thing.


For example, maybe you want to buy a house, in a specific neighborhood, yes, you want the house but you really want the let’s say security that that house gives you. Maybe when you were growing up your parents rented and you moved a lot, from one school to another, having to leave your friends behind, etc, and you don’t want to do that to your kids, you want to create a stable environment for them, so you want to buy a house in a specific neighborhood, that goes to a specific school, where your kids can have a stable environment, hence security.


Now your reason for wanting this may be different, but I think you get the point, you don’t really want the house you want what the house gives you, and your kids. You want to feel stable, secure.


So, if you are having a hard time getting the house, you need to start to ask yourself questions like, what can I do now in order to feel secure and stable, or whatever it is beneath the surface, (the more layers you can dig down the better), it is that you want. Get to the feeling you are after, then ask yourself, how can I experience that feeling now? Then do everything you can experience that feeling as often as possible until you get the house.


Simple enough right?


Kinda, sorta, sometimes, and sometimes not so much, it really depends.


It depends on where you are in your journey, how in touch you are with your feelings, how aware you are with your patterns that hold you back, your own version of sabotage. You see the thing is that if it was that easy, you’d already have the house, but if you don’t it’s because something is in the way, the thing that is in the way, the only thing that is in the way is you.


That’s it, you are the only thing stopping you from having what you want.


So, ask yourself what do you have to do to get the heck out of your own way so that you can have what you want?


Likely, you have some deep rooted beliefs in the way, perhaps some energy in your field that is stopping you from getting what you want, because if you didn’t you’d already have it.

If you are ready to get out of your own way, clear the blocks and come up with a strategy to get what it is you want, then I’d love to help you. One of my superpowers is being able to quickly see where it is that you are holding yourself back, and then helping you transform and heal that so that you can powerfully claim what it is that you want. Plus, I am really good at strategizing the practical stuff too, it’s kind of the whole package.


So, if you’d like to get clear on what is in your way of manifesting what you want, clear it and strategize to you will get it with grace and ease then I’d love to help you do just that in a 1:1 two hour session.


Can you do it on your own?


Of course you can, but you can likely get there a lot faster if you enlist the help of someone else, because, let’s be honest, if you could get out of your own way quickly you would have probably done it already, am I right?


It’s totally up to  you, if you want to go it alone or get help, whether my help or someone else’s or do it alone, it’s your choice, it’s always your choice.


If you resonated with this article, and you’d like to enlist my help, I’d love to help you. I just opened up a few spots on my calendar for 2 hour 1:1 mastermind sessions, in the past I have charged $1695 for these 2 hour sessions, and they are very powerful and my clients have gotten some amazing results but I am feeling a pull to do something special as I transition in my business and I’d like to offer this to 5 people for just $500.


Yep, you and me, 2 hours 1:1 for a small one time investment of only $500.


If you’d like to take advantage of one of these 5 spots then just go here to secure your spot.


If you have questions about if this is what you need, then send me a message 🙂


Talk soon, much love,

xo, Kim

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