Do You Have a Follow Up Plan?

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follow-up-systems11In business, it is important to have a follow-up plan or scheme so as to gain customers and keep them coming back. It is not enough to inform people about your business, but you have to make follow-up efforts to get them to buy from you not only once but a lot of times.


When you have a follow-up plan, this will help make your business grow. Statistics say that only less than 52 percent of business owners actually follow-up business prospects thus, you have a chance to beat your rivals. Eighty percent of sales are done the 5th to the 12th time a salesman contacts his customers in a market that has heavy competition. This means you can eliminate your rivals simply by making follow-ups.


When you make follow-ups with your customers, never forget to show appreciation and gratitude. Prior to communicating with them, think about your customer and the last time you met. Try to remember if you talked about something which helped you in any way or made you learn a new thing about your business that can make you win more customers. Check if he gave you leads or referrals or anything beneficial to you. Call him and thank him for that. Afterwards, mention your business again.


Try to remember how somebody said thank you to you via email, text message, a phone call or a personal meeting. Recall how you felt when that person offered his thanks. That is the exact feeling your prospective customer feels when you show or verbalize your appreciation. It builds a stronger bond with him which can lead to a close relationship. When a relationship is formed, your prospect will be encouraged to become a buyer and he shall voluntarily refer more customers to you.


Once your customer makes a purchase, thank him immediately. You can give thank you cards to your new customers or those who make another purchase. You can also write a buying customer an email thanking him for doing business with you. You can add a feedback form and further information for additional support and service if he needs it.  Assess the future needs of your customer and then contact him by phone, direct mail or email to remind him of your products and services.


The whole key to the follow-up plan is to make your customers feel appreciated and wanted. Those who do feel valued will be loyal to you and shall keep coming back to you. If ever your customer was not pleased with your service the last time he transacted with you, do these steps in this article to win him all over again.



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