Do You Have Clear Boundaries in Your Business?

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Most people can attest to the fact that setting clear boundaries between personal life & work matters is a good idea. If you work at home, all the more reason you must know how to manage your time and focus on your priorities.

Online retailers or work-at-home moms & dads or students can better adopt a work mindset if they use a portion of their home like a den (which may be better than the bedroom) to undertake tasks.


A key challenge for most small entrepreneurs who want to please as many clients as they can is the tendency to overextend themselves. It’s also not surprising to find many start-up entrepreneurs getting surprise visits from many different kinds of people, and oftentimes a huge chunk of these are their family members and friends.


Not being able to say no – to clients as well as to unexpected guests –  can consume much of the business owner’s time, thereby setting aside work that needs to be accomplished.


Another important aspect of business that the business operator should set separate is personal finances and professional earnings. It’s a good idea to maintain separate checking accounts for your home business and for personal finances.


Business owners should also be ready to deal with customers who continually ask for discounts. Valued customers may be given minimal discounts or freebie for their purchase. It is also imperative to be clear from the very start what the payment options and terms are.


Indeed, setting clear boundaries in your business is crucial. It can help you avoid headaches and get work done faster, easier, and in a more cost-efficient manner.


Work-at-home entrepreneurs or online sellers face a lot of distractions. Just browsing the web can lead people to many interesting links. The technique to avoid wasting much time reading sites or messages popping up on your computer screen is to keep your main goal in mind while online.


The importance of establishing clear policies and setting boundaries in business cannot be emphasized enough. By making it clear to clients how you will operate, you prevent future misunderstandings or conflicts from occurring. By setting clear boundaries, you maximize your time and protect your client’s time and investment. It’ll also save you a great deal of aggravation and stress.


Finally, business operators – whether online entrepreneurs or brick-and-mortar store owners – must strive to maintain work-life balance.  While agreeing to customer demands and working to deliver them may be good and speak volumes about how much you value clients, you also need to value your own time and your own health.


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