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Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.12.01 AMSo, it wasn’t too long ago, back in 2012, in fact, which isn’t really too long ago in terms of time, and business if you know what I mean.

Anyway, at the end of 2012, my life and my biz looked, well, really, really different to say the least. You see, I had just moved across the country some 2000+ miles.

I remember eating spaghetti from a plate resting on my lap while I sat on the edge of the bed in a crummy motel room on Thanksgiving 2012. My husband, John sat beside me, and my two children Kyle, age four and Summer, who just had turned one, perched on folding chairs shared their meals at a small table. We had arrived.

About a week earlier, we left the only home any of us had ever known in New York. A result of a quick decision I’d made to escape. I was scared for my life. Years earlier, we had purchased our home with cash borrowed from my mother and stepfather, who lived nearby.

My stepfather was abusive. I knew that when he felt out of control of a situation and felt threatened, he was capable of terrible things. He had abused me as a child and as an adult. My stepfather had tried to kill me before. He attacked me once with a knife when I was eighteen and once when I was twenty-two, he beat me with a baseball bat and left me for dead on the side of the road.

Looking back, it’s easy to wonder why I would have stayed for another nine years. But I didn’t know anything different. My biological father had been molesting me for years, he tried to rape me at age 9 and then tried to kill me a few months later. I came from a long line of abuse within my family. The whole time everything was happening, all I could think of was if I tolerated the abuse from my stepfather, my mom and my brothers and sisters would still have a place to live and food on the table. I had kept any recognition of the seriousness of my situation out of my awareness for years. When I was pregnant with Kyle, I went to a therapist who helped me unravel some of my past and recommended I “move away from these people and leave the state.”

With no warning or plans, we just up and left. Twenty-four hours after my meeting with my coach, we left with nothing in place— no job, no place to live, less than $500 bucks in the bank, not knowing where we were going, except Texas. I don’t know why except it was warm and far away from the dysfunctional environment. All I knew was if I didn’t leave right then, I might never be able to leave. I might be killed, and then how would I protect my kids?

Once we first arrived in Dallas; we had to become more resourceful than ever before. We had left our home, John’s car, all of our belongings except whatever we could fit in the minivan. John and I were both scared and even though John he had known about the abuse, he too had grown up in a dysfunctional environment and did not fully comprehend how critical the situation really was. He came with me to keep our family together, and because he saw the vision with me. We wanted more out of life, we wanted to be, do, and have more.

We had a tough few weeks, we tried like crazy to get aid or any kind of help from anyone we could, government authorities, churches, etc., etc., but we were on our own.

I knew I had to hold strong and firm and keep myself together so that he wouldn’t know I too was scared out of my mind. What if we could not do this? What if we were not resourceful enough, what if we made a mistake, were things really that bad in New York? If we went back now nobody would know we were intending on never coming back. But then I remembered, my family was crazy. Within the first two days after we left New York, they had called us numerous times, sent us crazy text messages, broke into our home back in New York, and called the cops and the fire department. I mean, really crazy stuff.

During this time I learned how to become more resourceful than any other time in my entire life, and come hell or high water I had to get clients, there was no turning back. I had to make this work, my life was on the line, my kid’s lives were on the line.

As a result of that I ended up creating a system (but of course, I love systems and structure, as in they equal freedom baby!), and now I want to share that with you. I recorded a 70-minute masterclass for you, all about how you can Rock Your Client Attraction, and right now, you can grab it for FREE.

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Talk soon, much love, xo, Kim


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