Does Money Grow on Trees?

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I am sure we have all heard the expression, money doesn’t grow on trees at some point on our life, right?MoneyOnTrees

I do believe that money does grow on trees, and it is as abundant and plentiful as air or water.

However, I have to admit, not too long ago, I didn’t have this belief. I was sitting on the deck in our new home here in Dallas drinking a cup of coffee and thinking how incredibly blessed and thankful I am for my amazing life and wonderful it is not worry about money anymore.

It’s actually the most free I have ever felt in my life and I attribute that to one huge decision I made for myself, my family and my business and the ripple effect has been outrageous.

It all started with a decision on made on a private VIP strategy day with my coach and mentor and my life and business has never been the same, seriously, from 5 figures a year to 5 figures a month, in less then 4 months. My mentor would say, Kim, you can change it and can change it on a dime, and now that I am consistently making 28k per month since then I believe and for me money really does grow on trees and it can for you too!

I thought about what did I really do to have these massive shifts in my business and the massive success in such a short period of time and I want the same for you. So I have put together a special offer for you because I want you to have the same success as me or greater.

Here’s what it looks like, I am going to be opening my calendar with 5 spots for virtual or in person VIP Strategy Days, for those of you who are serious and want to take action NOW and have success NOW.

VIP Days Include:

  • Pre-questionnaire to complete prior to VIP days so we can maximize ways for you to create success during our time together.
  • Spend the day with me (4 full hours) to get clear on your next steps, have a clear plan to achieve them
  • Email support from time of scheduling until one month after your VIP Day.
  • Two follow-up calls (or one prior to get clear on what you want) to solidify the work and help you in case you get stuck and to keep you on track.

Are you ready to have massive success in your life and your business?

  • Do you want to grow your business and fast?
  • Do you want to have a clear plan to get you where you want to go?
  • Do you want to have money grow on trees for you too?
  • Do you want to have freedom in your life and  your business?

Than I encourage you to take action now, schedule a call with me to see if a VIP Strategy Day 

Together we will dive deep into your mindset and your business including:

  • What’s getting in the way and what do we need to shift so you can have massive success NOW
  • We will look at your big picture goals of what you want to create and why – where you are going
  • We will look at and/or create a plan for new revenue streams (or to revive old ones)
  • We will look at your business systems – so we can set you up to have a freedom based business instead of you being a slave to your business!
  • And whatever else comes up throughout the course of the day

At the end of our day together you will walk away with  your implementation plan and list of exactly what steps you need to take in order to bring your plan to fruition and create massive success now!

VIP Days can be done in person (in Dallas, TX) or virtually.

I am really picky about who I work with so I want to make sure we are match and I am best person to help you

==> Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me to see if a VIP day can help you sky rocket your success!


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