Does Your Inbox (email) Rule Your Life? – Why You Need a System

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emailBusiness  leaders who want to expand their business and make the leap from ordinary to great can lay the foundation by adopting a system that can govern everything from managing email, to hiring, to ending a client-vendor relationship, and so on.

So just how do you create systems? For starters, try to focus on the various little parts of the business and devise systematic ways of carrying out tasks.

If you’re in the habit of checking your email every single day and there seems to be more and more coming in with each passing day, use a system to sort out advertisements/solicitations and focus on the really urgent ones (oftentimes indicated in the subject area).

You also need to allot a few minutes like the start of a workday to check and delete email messages, but set a time limit to doing that.

Try to get a grip on messages that keep coming your way and don’t let your email inbox rule your life. Delete clutter or non-essential email as well as read messages as often as you can.

Avoid letting your email pile up. Not deleting email messages also won’t be efficient. Not only will your computer’s hard disk space be eaten up, but important incoming messages may not be able to enter.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that email is a communication tool that should help simplify your life rather than complicate it by eating too much of your time. Beyond creating a logical set of email folders for easy message retrieval, as manager, you should be able to quickly decide what to do specifically with your incoming mail – will you delete it after acknowledging receipt? Will you be using it as reference? Is a reply expected from you?

To prevent spending too much time with your email, reread it just once, and keep your reply succinct and sweet (depending on the person you’re addressing and the subject matter, of course). Cut the fluff and address only the essential matters.

Part and parcel of managing your email is the use of filters and feature-rich email software. A technique to prevent being overloaded by email is not to respond to unsolicited messages or SPAM.  Keep in mind that every time you stop to check and respond to an email, it may affect your productivity.

Indeed, the importance of streamlining processes is crucial, moreso for managers who tend to get so caught up with tasks like email checking. By creating a system for managing email and other important things you need to do, you save much time and other resources, and channel your energies to maintaining good business.

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