Does Your Inbox Rule Your Life? – Why You Need a System

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Emails are one of the integral parts of communication in businesses nowadays. Almost every business-related correspondence is done through email instead of phone calls or face-to-face meetings, as it is more convenient. However, regularly checking your inbox from time-to-time is actually one of the reasons why you waste your precious time instead of allocating it on more important tasks at hand.

Your email’s inbox is a time machine that can make time move really fast. Checking it regularly and not responding to every email immediately will get you swamped and stuck for a long period, making you lose more precious time. You really can’t be blamed for wanting to check on your email regularly as there might be important messages from clients that need immediate response, but following a system will help you cut down the time needed to deal with them.

Keeping Your Emails Organized

One of the reasons why your inbox is ruling your life is because it is filled with different messages of varying importance. Your inbox might be filled with social media notifications, promotional emails, and other spam that will take up your time if you open them one by one. Make sure that you unsubscribe to unnecessary updates as well as organize your mails through filtering priority emails from your clients so you get to read them and answer them the soonest time possible.

Your favorite email service provider has powerful tools that can help you get rid of junk mail, diminishing the total amount of unimportant mail in your inbox daily. You should also consider unsubscribing to social media notifications as well as newsletters that will only clutter your email and deviate your attention to more important matters such as answering your client’s urgent queries.

Follow a System

You should also avoid keeping your email open, as you will be easily tempted to take a peek just in case anything important comes up. Follow a strict schedule when you read emails such as every 8:00 am or every after lunch, and before leaving work. These times are perfect and are already adequate for you to answer any important client correspondence. Having your email client open at all times will only serve as a distraction that will make you lose your focus on important work-related matters.

If you are really swamped with important emails, you can have someone prioritize and sort them out for you. This will help you continue doing other important tasks without wasting too much time trying to answer all of the emails you receive in just one sitting. Organizing your mail and following system to keep it de-cluttered is important if you do not want your inbox to rule your life.


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