Ezines: Use Them To Expand Your Business

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Some businessmen tend to overlook one online technique that is effective in luring in more business: ezines.

Ezines have been in existence over the Internet in one way or another the past few years. Technically an online newsletter, ezines are considered an easy and popular way of increasing credibility and reader relationship.

Here are five reasons why, if you still haven’t done it, you should publish an ezine ASAP:

1) Build relationships with those visiting your site.

When you build relationships with your readers, you strengthen your credibility. And the more they get to know you, the more they trust you. And as any good businessman knows, trust makes people buy from you.

2) Build your list through email capture.

It is known that not all first time visitors will buy from you. But having them on your email list through their subscription means you can recycle traffic. By contacting people from your email list, there is a higher chance of them buying from you.

3) Offer advertising and further increase revenue.

Offering advertising means people get more information about your products or services through same or related products and services. Doing this also means you get additional revenue as these are paid.

Two types of advertisements you can offer are ezine-placed ads and solo ads. Solo ads are those you send out individually.

This trick though should be used carefully: do not accept ads from direct competitors. Also, avoid bombarding your readers with too much solo ads or overpopulating your ezines with ads. Doing so runs the risk of reader isolation.

4) Provide more information.

Your ezine offers a wide range of content in different formats – text, audio, and video. Articles, reviews, and product comparisons can also be included in your ezines. With endless possibilities, ezines keep your visitors interested.

5) Advertise content that cannot be acquired elsewhere.

Offering exclusive content means not only more people will subscribe but also that they will stay subscribed. Having more people in your subscription list means more possibility of sales.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on that ezine today!


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