Find Out the Difference Between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant

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An online business manager (OBM) is not a virtual assistant, although most people confuse one from another. While both form part of the virtual team of an online business, there is a difference between the role and functions of the two.  Here is how they are different.

The Supervisor

The OBM supervises the daily operations of the business including the people who work for the business.  As a manager, he makes sure that the team members are performing their duties and responsibilities and the business system is in place to deliver timely results, or complete the project on or before the deadline meeting specific requirements.

As an OBM, a person does not do things; he manages or delegates the same to the right people in the business.  You take care of the necessary components- such as people, time, system, and other resources to make them work in synergy to deliver timely results in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The Doer

While an OBM can certainly get stuff done and do things, it is not the main role of the OBM rather, the virtual assistant is the doer.  Your responsibility is to complete your own specific tasks.  For instance, if a business owner finds the need to strengthen his customer service, you may be enlisted to handle customer queries and concerns.  You do the tasks yourself, like answering phone inquiries or sending emails to customers.

You see that in terms of responsibility, the OBM has more than what a virtual assistant has.  The OBM is responsible for a team of people working together, while the virtual assistant is only responsible for the completion of his own tasks.  If you want to get a partner to oversee your business day-to-day, you do not hire a virtual assistant but you enlist the services of an online business manager.

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