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Working on your business and working in it are two different things. Working on it means you are under control and are aware of your strengths and delegating your weaknesses to others who can do it better. On the other hand, working in it means getting trapped in your own system and trying to break through it to make it successful. Working in it also means not being able to focus on what is really important and trying to take everything under control on your own.

You should be aware that it is impossible, and very stressful when you try to do everything solely just because you think you can do everything better than the rest. While it is true that you have your strengths that complement your business well, it is highly likely that your weaknesses are the major reasons why your business stays stagnant, even if its potential for greatness is extremely obvious.

You should learn to let go and farm out the rest. You need to delegate tasks to others who can do them faster and ultimately better. But what does ‘farming out the rest’ mean?

This might look like an increase on expense at the beginning, but ‘farming out’ tasks or ‘outsourcing’ is a proven-effective way to make your business flourish and allow you to earn more as you get to focus on doing what you do best. Through farming out the mundane tasks, you are taking away all of the distractions that stop you from working ON your business, allowing yourself to freely use your expertise in achieving breakthrough ideas that will make your company reach new heights.

Farming out tasks will also help improve the overall efficiency of your business. This is especially true when you outsource particular tasks to service providers who can do the tasks better than you. You have to admit that you are not good at everything, as this is one step towards achieving the ultimate success. Finding the best providers will make your work not only easier, but also more efficient, allowing extra room for development.

To be able to successfully ‘farm out the rest’ when it comes to running your company, you need to analyze the tasks that you are good at and the ones that you consider as roadblocks that take up most of your time. Find out the best providers who can do a better and a faster job, and you will definitely take your business to the top spot.

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