Follow-Ups Make For A Better, Bigger Business

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Every business owner will agree: attracting more customers and clients is just as important as keeping existing ones. What most of them do not agree on, though, is how important follow-ups are for business. The more successful ones will say that they are indeed important.

It is an age-old technique that successful businesses have used and sometimes it’s a wonder why not every business has been utilizing it. Aside from being tried-and-tested, following-up is relatively cheap. Those who say no to doing it do not realize that they’re passing up a goldmine.

Simply interacting with an already existing customer lures in the best kind of clients. A client’s referral will rarely – if never – elicit suspicions about your business because their friend’s endorsement was enough to bring you into their ‘circle of trust’. As long as you follow through on your promises and don’t do anything to break that trust the referral’s business is in the bag for a long time.

Follow-ups are easy and take only a few minutes a day – they best businessmen accept the fact that customers are essential and that relating with them creates a mutual air of respect that paves way for referrals. Referrals stem from simple conversations, such as when you call a client after the sale was made and thank them for the business. In such conversations, it makes it easier to ease in the question, “Do you know anyone who might be interested in doing business with me?”

Perhaps the reason most businesses choose not to follow-up is that they are afraid – or loathe – of the “Cold Call Monster”. But when talking to a referral, know that it’s always best to start by mentioning their friend’s name. Instead of saying, “This is from [business name]…” say, “[Referral’s friend’s name] mentioned you need help with a project…”

But follow-ups not only bring new clients. It can also open door for new projects with an existing client. It ensures that your client will still book you for their new project.

So if you’re looking into growing your business, don’t hesitate to make follow-ups. You won’t regret it.


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