Happy Easter and my Confession

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Happy Easter Weekend!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not I hope you have something special planned for the weekend.  We will be chilllaxing (think I just made up a new word, ha!) at home this weekend with the kids celebrating and having a great time enjoying each others company.

I have a confession to make.

I have been doing a lot of personal reflection over the last couple of weeks, especially the last week and really looking at the growth I have experienced over the past year and half, specifically the last several months. I have finally come to the place where I can appreciate and have gratitude for where I am and realize just how far I have come in spite of the obstacles that have gotten in my way and the barriers and walls I needed to tear down, and let me tell you there have been a lot and I have to admit it hasn’t always been easy.

As you may know, last year I had my biggest year yet financially since creating my service based business, KimBeckers.com, increasing my income by more than 1000{9426e48ae5c3b3ab02332dd167966d9e9ea7aa41d6d2b8540a0550b4f9308632} in less than a year and yet, I gave most of it all up because I was not fulfilled in the majority of the work that I was doing, not everything but a lot of it and it all came down to not doing what was in alignment with what I wanted and how I wanted to do it.


Many people thought I was crazy, I mean, seriously, and I’ll tell you they had no problem sharing it with me too, after all I had made it, I was making multiple 6 figures, that was the dream right? Wrong. It was someone Else’s dream, not the money but the way that I got there, and my business model sucked, and it was sucking the life out of me and I realized that it just wasn’t fun anymore and I could not do it anymore.

It kinda was crazy on the surface, or so it seemed and I have to admit I even started to let these fears and doubts creep in and I thought, oh, no, what if they are right. What if I really can’t build my business doing what I love, the way I love to, empowering others to live the life they want and make a damn good living, working part time. What if I was different, I was the exception, sure I had shown others how to do it, but I was “special” and it wasn’t working for me.


Deep down inside I knew it was BS yet, on the outside not so much, and I was embarrassed and ashamed and I did not want anyone to know what was going on, because if they did, why on earth would they hire me to help them if I was making all these mistakes?


And then I realized, finally, it was not about me, I was good at something, and I owed it to my fellow entrepreneurs to share my gifts, it was my responsibility to do it, I couldn’t feel bad for myself anymore and I certainly had to stop hiding, hiding who I was and that I had made mistakes. And along the way I realized, wow, since I made these mistakes and had been there down that, it was actually valuable to my ideal clients, they could actually learn from me. So not only could they gain from my proven strategies they could also learn from all the mistakes that I made and I could teach them even more, and that was damn valuable.

So there you have it, no more hiding, no more pretending, this is the season of resurrection and growth and there is no time like the present to take action and get results and be visible.


I have to admit, it has not been all roses and happy dances over the last several months but the growth has been more than I could have imagined and I want to share this with you. During this time one thing has been a constant, a rock and a shining star that allowed me to get through and break through to the next level and that has been having incredible support in my life and my business, in most particular my business and spiritual coach and this is why I want to extend a very special offering to you on this celebration of resurrection.

Here are some special offers for you to take advantage of over the next few days that will make it easy for you to say yes to yourself and uplevel your life and business.


If you have a question, or you are just not sure what is the right next step for you, just reply back to this email and I am happy to discuss with you, just don’t delay these are some awesome deals but they are for action takers.


Oh, by the way, I get this is highly unusual for me or most folks to do something like this, but here’s the thing, it feels right and I am sick and tired of people telling me what I should and should not be doing. If you don’t like it, thats your choice and you can unsubscribe, but I am going to do what feels right, its not my intention to offend anyone. In fact, it is my intention to inspire you to do things differently, and follow what feels good to you. It is truly my honor to offer you this extremely limited and special pricing because I remember what it was like when I wasn’t sure how to get started and get to the next level and I want to make it easy for you to say yes to yourself.



1-on-1 Private 90 Minute Strategic Planning Session


This is your opportunity to get the high-touch, personalized attention to help you transform your business and your life to the next level to breakthrough.

  • Your vision – the big picture of what you want to create (and why)
  • Your revenue streams – explore the various ways to package/offer your services and create a plan for new revenue streams (or to revive old ones)
  • Your  business foundations or infrastructure – the systems you need to run smoothly so that your business doesn’t suck the life out of you
  • Your team – ensuring you have the right team to support your next level of growth
  • Your role – what you need to do (or not do) in this transition
  • Anything else you want to talk about, this is your chance to pick my brain, yay!

At the end of the 90 minutes you can expect an action plan and list of exactly what steps you (and your team) need to take in order to bring your plan to life.



Value $2000 (I don’t offer this outside of my private coaching clients)NOW $595 (ONLY 3 Spots)

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60 Minute Pick My Brain Strategy Session 

Not sure how to get the maximum benefit?I suggest you focus on resolving ONE obstacle that’s been holding you back or learning ONE new strategy to propel you forward. Here are some examples:
  • Direction of where to go ‘next’ in your business when you feel stuck
  • Mapping out an automated marketing strategy for your business
  • How to create leveraged revenue streams
  • How to find and hire team members that will free you up
  • Which systems do you need and why?
  • Referrals to trusted suppliers
  • Anything else you can think of!

Anything goes! We can get a lot done in 60 minutes together.

Regularly $797 NOW $597 (Only 3 Spots)

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7 Keys to Unlock Cash Flow & Freedom in Your Biz

  • Class 1 – The Gift of Problems
  • Class 2 – Setting the stage for success – Your Virtual Office & To Do List
  • Class 3  – Your Foundation for success: Crisis Management (ie. Back Up Systems)
  • Class 4  – Setting up for Success – Relationship Systems, Marketing Systems & Sales Systems
  • Class 5 – Keep it Flowing – Delivery, Scheduling and Communication Systems
  • Class 6  – Tracking Your Success – Metrics & Money Systems
  • Class 7  – A Solid Foundation – Business Foundation      Systems                                                     

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