Here’s The Deal to Make the Deal—How to Map Out a Marketing Plan

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Customers, clients, consumers—they are the lifeblood of your business. It is their demand that creates the need for your supplies, and you need to fuel that demand constantly in order for your business to keep running. The best way to do this is through marketing. Marketing or advertising your products and services is a way to ensure that you will always have customers—demands.

The real trick is, how do you create a productive and effective marketing strategy? With every important thing in life, it has to be planned or mapped out into a system. A marketing plan is one of the many business systems that will help you and your business tremendously.
You might think that customers are a dime a dozen, since everyone can become a potential customer. That’s very true, but how will you attack each prospect? What if they already have something similar to your product, or have no use for it at all?

Moreover, what if your product is something that is non-perishable, like cars? Surely you can’t expect the same customer to come back and buy cars from you every single month, or year even, no matter how happy and satisfied they are. When you run out of choices, what will you do then?
This is where such business systems step in. With a marketing plan, you can manage your prospects systematically, cycling through them daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly. You never know when a cold lead from last week will be a ready and willing buyer tomorrow.

What you need to do is to know your product first. What about it will make it appealing to a certain type of person, or a specific group of people? Next, you should know your clients as well. What kind of people will benefit most from your product? You should also group your leads according to these data. You should also consider these into your advertising campaign as well.

From there on, it’s a simple systematic scheduling of when and how you’re going to tackle your leads. Plan out your marketing strategy daily, that way, you’ll accomplish something every day and won’t fall into a rut. It will also help you cycle through the leads who weren’t interested today, but who might be interested in the near or distant future. Mapping out will make you see your company’s future more concretely.

Using one of the business systems like a daily marketing plan will not only train you into a better marketer, but also help trickle in customers into your business. No more will you have to grasp blindly through the sea of leads, not knowing whether your business will survive until next week. When you map out a plan, you are in control.


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