How an OBM Can Help Manage Launches

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Most hardworking entrepreneurs with a solid business plan that have revenue flowing in are a one-man team, spreading themselves thin, little knowing there’s an Online Business Manager (OBM) who can help.

When you are ready to expand and make new products known to the market, an OBM can help with the launching events. A good OBM may undertake product research and development, create advertising/marketing plans, and manage projects. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to take your business to the next level but overburdened by numerous tasks (resulting in missed opportunities or mistakes), an OBM by your side can help you cover all bases and handle more business.

The OBM can work with the you in setting up a product launch plan. A timetable of activities is usually prepared, and an overall budget allocated to carry out those activities. The Online Business Manager will help you plan your campaign, and also create an online announcement (using popular social networking sites and e-mail blasts) to build awareness for the upcoming event. Before, during, and after the product launch, the OBM can be relied on to ensure that key players (writers, event planning team, and guests, including media) are in place.

In addition to posting event announcements in social networking sites, updating websites and supervising every little detail (from the sending of event actual invitations to emailed correspondences, to checking the sound system, catering and participants in the actual program, to post-publicity), the OBM will be helping the entrepreneur ensure that product/service claims, promises or offers are delivered. It’s no small feat but the Online Business Manager can definitely help keep business attractive.


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