How an OBM Can Help Manage Speaking Engagements

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If you’re in the business of conducting workshops and events management but want to allot more time to big-picture business planning, you should think about hiring a good Online Business Manager.

A good OBM can assume most of the  day-to-day tasks, ranging from noting speaker requests, coordinating the details for speaking engagements (including getting in touch with authoritative resource speakers and coordinating speaking engagement details with the host) and preparing logistical requirements (including a speaker’s kit) for a talk, workshop, business meeting or roundtable discussion.

The OBM may also email invites to special guests as well as media representatives who will be covering the event.  Some business owners may choose to hire an OBM part-time, or when corporate events require the services of one.  In other words, an OBM frees up the time of business heads/owners.

An Online Business Manager may also be relied on for nationwide roadshow presentations. The OBM can handle confirmation of details related to speaking engagements, supervise ocular inspection, delegate creation and setup of banners and other on-site materials, and ensure that all other aspects necessary for the event (like talking points) are in place.

The role of the OBM, whether in managing speaking engagements or doing effective marketing planning, is to delegate. By delegating tasks, the OBM can motivate and harness the skills of subordinates, and reduce work overload for business owners. Besides preparing speaking materials in advance, the OBM can also oversee items (like brochures) that will be sold on-site.

So if you need an expert who can stay on top of your marketing activities and manage events like speaking engagements, get an Online Business Manager to expertly handle the tasks for you contact Kim to schedule a free consultation today!


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