How an OBM Can Help Manage Your Affiliate Program

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People seriously involved in affiliate marketing (a marketing system whereby affiliates are rewarded for every customer who is enticed to visit a site and responds to a call to action) are usually multi-taskers (who may opt to obtain assistance from an Online Business Manager). An OBM – trained professional who can readily take on tasks like website traffic generation, blogging, online research, and so on — can monitor affiliate activity, identify areas for improvement, and work on increasing revenue streams.

Hiring an OBM to help can be a smart move, especially for the merchant and the affiliate buried under a pile of work but who want to sustain and let their business network grow. An OBM can help in a variety of ways. One is by helping recruit new affiliate partners and maintaining good relationship with them. Apart from helping the retailer in human resources functions, the OBM can assist in the marketing of the business.

The OBM can assist both the business owner and the affiliate marketer (who refers people to the site). The Online Business Manager is also usually skilled in website management. The OBM can ensure that the website is visitor-friendly or easy to navigate, and filled with fresh, interesting content. On top of this, the OBM can work closely with the Affiliate Marketing Manager in building and expanding the affiliate program.

Beyond tracking metrics (which includes checking whether online visitors are staying on the site and proceeding to transact or not), the Online Business Manager can help the retailer or business owner initiate new campaign ideas, incentives, and bonus offers, as well as monitor and assess affiliate practices.


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