How an OBM Can Help Manage Your Ezine

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Entrepreneurs who know that competition can always overtake them at anytime  strive to maintain a competitive edge, offering customers extra value and understand the importance of hiring capable support staff, including an Online Business Manager (OBM). An OBM can help the business owner, first and foremost, by creating an overall communications plan. Part of the marketing communications plan is managing an ezine. Establishing the ezine publication entails continuous work. A professional ezine template must be created, content needs to be updated, and ads/promotional materials managed.

Studies show that a large percentage of people are using social networking sites to increase business contacts, and reading online articles to update their knowledge. An OBM can tap into this trend and highlight the unique selling propositions of a business.

The Online Business Manager can manage lists and solo emails sent to the list. Having more people in the company’s mailing/subscription list can increase the likelihood of generating sales. By handling all these tasks, the OBM frees up time for the business owner to concentrate on business operations and long-term planning.

Being skilled in article writing, publicity & PR, the OBM can help implement the business owners marketing plan to  attract visitors by offering interesting website content in various formats — text, audio, and video. The OBM will also likely be able to spot outdated information and review autoresponders regularly. Beyond this, the OBM can take charge of execution of strategies and utilization of resources by team members. An Online Business Manager is also skilled in negotiating with other parties for cross promotions, laying the foundation for greater business success.

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